It’s baaaack!  Old Navy’s $1 flip flop sale is this Saturday, June 30th and customers are already lining up (no, not really-but if we could we would!). This very popular summer sale will give you up to 5 flip flops for only 5 bucks.  It’s a great price especially considering these flip flops are good for a season and then it’s time to replace them anyway.  Actually I love Old Navy flip flops so Im excited about the sale.  And I wear a size that doesn’t sell out (I won’t reveal that personal information) so I can’t wait to go shopping. I think I will just give my daughter a $5 bill and have her also enjoy this sale! Some stores may be opening early for the sale so call your favorite Old Navy to find out what time they open on Saturday (mine in Southlake opens at 7 am).  And enjoy your $1 flip flop shopping!  

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