counting the days

Last year we discovered the Lego Advent Calendar.

It was a huge hit.

lego avent calendar

Each day the boys open a door and pull out a hermetically sealed tiny building set – something like a mini-figure or a tree or a sled.

They put the Legos together with glee and set them on the display area.

Lego advent calendar open

24 days of building bliss.

They were almost disappointed when Christmas came.

Last year we only found one type of Lego Advent calendar, but this year we found both Lego City and Lego Kingdoms.   We bought them at The Lego Store, but have seen them other places.   In January, all the Christmas-y Lego mini-sets will be released into the big Lego bin upstairs in the playroom to fend for themselves.   It will be the perfect plot line for a Christmas Toy Story.

Currently the boys have a countdown until December when we can open the first door.

A countdown to the countdown.

I like to see it because they are truly excited about it.

And nothing celebrates the birth of Christ like a bunch of Legos arranged on a cardboard box for $34.99.


  1. I love that! I think I will have to search & find those for my boys. I am just kind of dreading the after-Christmas Lego soup. Oh, well. Like you said, they can fend for themselves!

  2. Holly, my oldest has requested this one. I told him it can’t really be a Christmas present since we will have to give it early. I’m glad to hear your thoughts on it. Gotta go get it now.

  3. I saw this a few weeks ago and had the same thought “nothing says Christmas like Lego knights”….saw that they have a Christmas wonderland one, maybe I’ll reconsider (if I can get down our hill – ice).

  4. I bought our first one this year! I fear the hardest part will be keeping the boys from trying to open all of them at the same time. 🙂

  5. Cool! I may need to head over to Stonebriar. Last year, we did the Lego City calendar and the year before that was Playmobil pirates. I need a different set for this year.

  6. Amazon has the Lego Kingdom Advent Calendar. But we got the Lego City one. The boys are going to be so excited. I may regret this, but we’ll see. Who gets an Advent calendar during a move?! Cray.Zee. That’s me…

  7. I have bought the LEGO city advent calendar 2824 already for my kids. It appears to be great with all its 24 themed gifts and minifigures and more. We are waiting eagerly for the D-day and the children are seriously counting the days.

  8. My nephews would love this. I will have to remember it for next year.

  9. happycampers says:

    Bought it. Just hauled it across the country and will soon haul it to.many a tropical island. Darn.big box. But Reese is happily assembling the snowman from the first day’s box! Totally worth the money!

  10. My 10 yr old daughter has been asking relentlessly for Legos this year for Christmas. I didn’t see these advent calendars until too late. But I’ll be stalking toy stores in hopes of catching one of these on clearance and hold on to it for next year or for a countdown to her birthday which is the 25th of another month 🙂 If she outgrows Legos by this time next year, there are least two little sisters that will probably enjoy them! Thanks for all posting the comments and enjoyment with these sets.

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