Mrs. Wishy Washy needed ASAP ¦

There are two things I do not understand about recent changes in programming for the cradle roll programs at church which seem to be in several of the churches we have visited, not just our local church. One is that snacks are always served and usually with some sort of red, sugary drink in a dixie cup (and for many this age this is the first time/only time they are not drinking out of a sippy cup). Why you would want to fill up children with sugar and send them in to sit quietly in their red drink stained best clothes is beyond me. Also, the addition of crafts–messy ones including markers, glue, glitter, etc. Here is Rhett’s reaction: 1. Doesn’t care about craft 2. Does care about making a huge mess all over the room, table and his dress clothes 3. Mommy ends up doing craft so we have something to take up the 15 minute allotted time with Rhett on her glitter strewn lap. I never buy dress clothes that aren’t washable and the boys usually end up wearing them all day so I don’t think I qualify as a super freaky clean mother. What is wrong with singing and stories?? Why can’t we wait on the messy snacks and crafts until the kids can wash their own hands??


  1. remember the “i have two dolls and you have none” song? what happened to THAT???

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