Today we are going to argue why kids should have a pet.  It may be an argument you have already heard at your house! Even if you didn’t think you wanted to  have a pet, we hope you will read what this mom says about how their pets have been a good idea for their family.

If you have additional reasons why pet ownership is good for the family, please leave your comments here at Kids Activities Blog.  We’d love to hear from you!

5 reasons to have a pet {pet ownership for kids}

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Have a Pet

Having a pet is priceless when you have children. With that said,  I never imagined myself joining the ranks of pet ownership, but three years ago we took the plunge and welcomed not one but two puppies into the family.

Yes… Some days I do question my own sanity.

However, despite the extra care they require, our kids adore their pups and the pups love them unconditionally. In observing our children  interact with their dogs I’ve noted five blatantly beneficial ways having a pet is a good idea.

1.  They teach kids responsibility:

Pets provide a perfect platform for encouraging responsibility. Providing fresh food and water daily has become an everyday ‘job’ for our three older kids and they fully understand that if they don’t remember to take care of their furry friends, they will go hungry. The dogs need them.

2.  They nurture compassion for other living creatures:

The kids care for our dogs as if they were their own little babies… albeit furry versions. The way that they love them and take care of them provides a constant way for them to outwardly showcase love – which is never in short supply or absent of need.

3.  They provide companionship and demonstrate flawless unconditional love:

Dogs are not called man’s best friend for no reason… Our kids love their dogs and often refer to them as their ‘buddies.’

Have a Pet: 5 Reasons Pet Ownership is good for kids

4.  They encourage exercise:

Taking our dogs for a walk daily is not only a way to keep them healthy but it also is a way for the kids to exercise as well. It’s become a routine and has thus become something that the kids anticipate each day. Running down the path and playing fetch in the field makes for tired littles and exhausted pups.

Pet Ownership for Kids: 5 Reasons to have a pet

5.  They make an excellent snuggle buddy:  

They are real life pillow pets sans batteries!

5 reasons pet ownership if good for kids

More on Having a Pet

We thinks these are 5 great reasons to find a furry friend for your family.  Or does your family already have a pet?  For more about having a pet, take a look at these links below:

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  1. We love our dogs and our chickens. The kids feed, water and clean the chickens, teaching them responsibility. They have even been keeping an eye on the water in the hot weather for the chickens without being asked. We also pay them for this, teaching them work = money = stuff. My boy brought himself a big Finn MacMissile car after months of saving.
    The best thing of all is the dogs. Our children are adopted and my little girl is often to be found flopped over one of the dogs telling him all her secrets. The two of them have a very special bond and, even if she can’t tell us, my little girl has someone to tell. Our dog keeps all her secrets beautifully.
    They are challenging when they are puppies but you suddenly realise they don’t do all that puppy stuff anymore and are just lovely.
    Also my dogs loving swimming in the sea with my girlie. That is a very splashy, funny thing to see! Pets Rock!

  2. You actually listed all the reasons I could come up with for my kids owning a pet. Right now my two kids have a puppy of their own, and my other one is going to have his puppy in our home next month. So I’ll have three puppies on my hands and three kids all day long. However, my oldest has learned he has to help take care of the puppies. (Hence reason number 1.) However, I’m noticing my little girl (who will be 2 in December) now has a playmate while her older siblings are doing school work. So, it makes for a peaceful environment when the house needs to be quiet.

    Yes, puppies and kittens for the matter are a lot of work for the parents, but once that stage is over with it is well worth it to have raised them just like it is with our own kids. 🙂

  3. Oh my- pets! We got a puppy last October (she turns one in August) and wow, was it a hard year full of a lot of extra work for ME. Our puppy is just now starting to calm down and I’m beginning to see the silver lining. It took me so long to really really love having a puppy. I saw the cuteness, but I also saw the piddle puddles, early mornings and the jumping on the kids and knocking them over… After a couple puppy classes and many months of training- we now have a great balance. It is really sweet that when ever my youngest gets hurt she wails, “I need Mina, Mina will feel me better!” and Mina runs over and licks and nudges her until she’s all giggly again. And today I was freezing in SF at the park with the kids- I pulled Mina up into my lap, instant warmth! 🙂