CureDuchenne is one of six charities “competing” for a $150,000 advertising budget provided by 18 Texas Cadillac Dealers in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. The avid competition will be intense from the start, September 22 until the end, October 29th, a month long journey advocating each charity.

Team CureDuchenne

  • Our  VISION  is our name: to  cure  Duchenne muscular dystrophy.    vision We are dedicated to be out of business in ten years . . .  with your help.
  • Our  MISSION  is to save  this  generation of Duchenne boys
You can vote for  #TeamCureduchenne  at the Metroplex Cadillac Dealers Facebook page. Like the page, then lick on the  VOTE. SHARE. ACT.  button and you will see a page with the other five charities with videos. Click on the vote button. You can  vote every day on Facebook. Hooray! There are five other charities vying for this incredible media package, please vote for the charity that touches  your  heart. My role is not to convince you to vote for one charity over another, but to inform you on each charity and the  wonderful  people behind the scenes.

The Story of CureDuchenne  

Imagine having a beautiful baby boy.   For four years, your child thrives and is the light of your life.   One day you notice he has difficulty standing up.   His calves are swollen, and he can't keep up with other children.   You take him to his pediatrician, who says he's probably just a slow starter and not to worry. At five, you finally find a specialist that gives a proper diagnosis ¦Duchenne muscular dystrophy.   You're told his muscles will die and not regenerate. You scream frustration as to why you haven't heard about Duchenne before? You find out that DMD is an orphan disease and that pharmaceutical companies do not invest in bringing cures to market because the number of potential users does not make it profitable enough. So, for the love of your child, you take matters into your own hands and embark on a path to affect change ¦ to raise the funds needed to find a cure within your son's lifetime. CureDuchenneCureDuchenne  was founded by Paul and Debra Miller whose son was diagnosed with DMD in November 2002.   Paul is a vice-president of a food company and Debra was in advertising sales before giving up her career to be a stay-at-home mom. Paul and Debra are confident that their business backgrounds will enable them to effectively communicate the need for awareness and funding for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. When we got our son's diagnosis, the pain was unbelievable.   We always had faith, but we never truly knew how much we would have to rely on it.     We respect and welcome people of all faiths and beliefs, and hope that they are provided the comfort needed to get through these difficult times.   Saving these boys has become our life's work. That is the story of CureDuchenne. I hope it touched your heart as much as it did mine. Don’t forget that voting ends October 29th, there is still plenty of time to vote and remember you can VOTE DAILY ON FACEBOOK. Let   She is Dallas is working with Team Escalade to spread the word about this important program and the 6 charities involved courtesy of the Cadillac Dealers.

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