Stop action movies are easy enough for even kids to make.  If you have a LEGO lover in your home then they will surely appreciate this creative  movie making idea. Kids Activities Blog knows that most kids love anything having to do with LEGOs so we think this idea will be a hit as well.

Kids can learn movie making with Stop Action movies {with LEGOs}

Stop Action

Are your big kids obsessed with movie making??  Mine are and honestly, if I watch another lip-sync or Harlem Shake movie they have made, I will go cross-eyed.  So I wanted to funnel their creativity into something a little more challenging and educational.  My 10 year old is a LEGO-building fiend.  So I challenged him to come up with a 1 minute script to make a LEGO movie!  He is currently in the 4th grade and working on writing skills this year  {bonus for this mom!}. He immediately put down his electronic game (better know as mind-suck) and got a sparkle in his eye.  Bring it on mom! What I thought would take him roughly 10 minutes to draft took him over an hour.  He painstakingly crafted a creative script about a giant potato chip-eating lizard who over takes the town.  He worked diligently to plan each of the moves his LEGO mini-figures (AKA townsfolk) would take.  And found the perfect spot in the house to “shoot the movie.” Not to be out-done by her brother, his 12-year old sister got in on the act, creating her own little LEGO movie.  {Even more bonus mom!} What started as a competition, ended up with each of them helping each other out in the building and story boarding.

Easy Stop Action Video Idea {Movie Making with LEGOs}

Movie Making

When they were ready, we took tons of pictures.  Both kids wanted to make the movies as realistic as possible.  I have to admit, I even had fun snapping shots and watching them work through the building and character movements. Once finished, we uploaded the pictures to our computer and I taught the kids the basics of our movie making software (I use iMovie).  I allowed them to get as creative as they wanted with music, fun sound effects, and voice-overs.  I was thrilled with how much time and care they put into their movies and we are certainly proud of them. And here it is!!  “The Potato Chip-Eating Lizard”:

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Stop action is fun and easy for kids to do.  Has your child tried movie making?  For more great kids activities, take a look at these:

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  1. My 13yr old son Ryan is a HUGE lego fan! He makes stop action lego movies too! He uses a free app called ” Stop-Motion-Lite”! I thought you might want to check it out. Have Fun!