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summer travel memoriesSummer Travel

Traveling over the summer creates such fun & amazing memories for not only us as parents, but our children as well. One of the best ways to “hold” onto those travel memories is by finding unique ways to preserve them.  Keeping track of your trip is not only fun while you are doing it but it also preserves the adventure to look back on in the future.  Once your kids have the task of collecting mementos, they will start to see things with new enthusiasm and learn even more while traveling!

Preserve the Memories

As a momma who loves to remember our fun, we have tried various ways to  preserve our vacation memories.  Here are some of the fun ideas we have done:

Written Journal

One of the most common travel records, this works best for children who are very comfortable writing.  You can start off the trip with a decorated blank journal and give it to your child as a gift before heading out the door. Encourage them to write in it at the same time every day and you may give them some prompts (what was your favorite thing you saw today?  How long did we travel for? etc.) to get them going.  Collect postcards, brochures, and tickets to any attractions to add to the journal.

Photo Journal

Make your kids photographers for the trips.  Give them a disposable or inexpensive digital camera and ask them to take pictures of what they like and want to remember about the trip.  Maybe even give them an assignment with a list of things they need to take pictures of?  When you get home, spend an afternoon making a photo journal together with them.  Make sure they pick out the pictures and add their own captions, making it completely their creation.

Post Card Journal

Have your child pick up a post card at ever stop you make – really every stop – including the dingy truck stop for coffee & potty breaks.  Ask them to jot down a few thoughts on the back of each postcard regarding what they were doing, favorite things to see, etc.  When you get home, string them all through a ring.  Instant Vacation Journal!

Video Diary

You know the video camera can’t be beat for bringing the adventure home with you, but how about giving your child the chance to make his own video for the trip?  Especially now, in the age of iPhones & iTouches, that all have video recording abilities.  Have them do a daily video diary where they talk directly into the camera, telling their experiences…good & bad.  Have them “interview” people along the way – grandparents, the tour guide, the waiter at the local deli, etc.  Or simply have them take the scenic shots, providing their own commentary.

When you get home, you will have so much fun putting a movie together of your trip.  And you will laugh for years to come!  Precious!

Family Travel Times

Have each member write small articles about their vacation: how they got there, what they saw, what they loved or hated about the weather, the food, the cultural differences, etc.  Be sure to take photographs or draw pictures to accompany your articles.  When you get home, cut & paste these articles and pictures on sheets of 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper & photocopy them for friends, neighbors, or mail to family members.  Some software programs may have the ability to make a newsletter format for you.  Or step it up a notch – if you have a blog, allow each family member to “post” their article online.

What have you done to keep the travel memories preserved?  We’d love to hear your ideas!

Here are a few other ideas from the Quirky Mommas:

The Quirky Mommas are leaders at the KOA Campfire Community.   Be sure to stop by to say “hi” and pick up some more ideas for making and preserving great travel memories.

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