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Love, Hope, Strength wants to save lives … right now  one concert at a time. They do not fund cancer research, instead they:

  • Build and support cancer centers around the world,
  • Build international marrow databases through our GET ON THE LIST campaign and,
  • Build awareness of global cancer needs through film and music.
love hope strengthTo date, they have hosted concerts and events on 6 continents, built the first children’s cancer center in Tanzania, purchased the first radiation and mammography machines in Nepal, registered over 13,000 marrow donors at concert, festivals and events resulting in 100 potentially lifesaving matches. Simply. Amazing.
They are known as the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundation and have tangible results. They are very specific that they do not fund research but use funds to make sure that all people have access to the lifesaving advances that are available in cancer care. That is huge, knowing there are so many unfortunate people that need this care and it is right there for them to use it but whether it be financially or another reason they are unable to utilize the available resources.
Love, Hope, Strength is one of six charities “competing” fora $150K advertising budget provided by 18 Texas Cadillac Dealers in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.
You can vote for #TeamStrength at the Metroplex Cadillac Dealers Facebook page. “like” the page, then lick on the VOTE. SHARE. ACT. button and you will see a page with the other five charities with videos. Click on the vote button. You can vote every day on Facebook. Hooray!
There are five other charities vying for this incredible media package, please vote for the charity that touches your heart. My role is not to convince you to vote for one charity over another, but to inform you on each charity and the  wonderful  people behind the scenes.


She is Dallas is working with Team Escalade to spread the word about this important program and the 6 charities involved courtesy of the Cadillac Dealers.

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