Activities are the best way to help your child learn.   In the Kids Meme, It’s Playtime – that runs every Wednesday afternoon, here on KAB – these were some of our favorite recent learning kids activities linked up. . Come back this afternoon to leave a link to an activity you did (as a blogger) or to browse the other ideas included. 9 activities for preschooler kids tolearn together, through play

Kids Learning Activities

Help your child develop pre-writing skills with some of these practice exercises. Learn about the human body with your kids and a paper cut-out man. Learn how mineral rocks are formed by creating salt sticks – it’s a fun science experiment. Help your child develop hand and eye coordination with some scissors and scraps of paper Stretch your childs mind with some homemade puzzles.   This is a homemade Sudoku puzzle created with kids blocks. Use objects from around your house to create a math activity for your child to play and learn. Playdough is a great medium for play and learning.   In this post, by Train Up a Child, they make and paint letters. Who knew that straws and pipecleaners could be used to have a fun geometry lesson!   I love the kids activities post by Crafty Mom Share! .

How have your kids learned through play?

We would love to hear about your favorite learning activities!  

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