Learn with this Vicent Van Gogh Video and make your own Starry Night painting with this fun and educational watercolor art project! This easy painting is for kids of all ages and can be done at home or in the classroom. Watch a fun and educational video about Vincent Van Gogh get creative to make this Starry Night painting unique to you!

Finished fun and educational Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Recreation Watercolor Painting Art Project.
Let’s learn about Van Gogh with this fun and educational watercolor painting!

Starry Night Watercolor Painting for Kids

This fun and educational art project will allow kids to learn about Vincent Van Gogh and find appreciation for one of his famous paintings “Starry Night”. At the end of this article is a fun and educational video about the artist. After watching the video you can recreate your very own Starry Night painting and add your own personal touch! This will encourage your kids to be creative and learn some things about the history of paintings like “Starry Night”.

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Are there aliens, UFOs, and rocketships in the sky of your very own Starry Night? Or maybe there are dragons in the sky and a big mountain. Many people have already created their very own recreations of Starry Night. Some are meant to be funny, some are of modern cities, and some are of people’s favorite stories and movies like Peeter Pan and Bat Man. For more inspiration, you can look at other recreations of Starry Night on Pinterest!

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Supplies needed for this Starry Night watercolor painting art project

Image of supplies needed to make this Starry Night watercolor painting: grey paper, water color paper, salt, water colors, scissors and a paintbrush.
This is what you need to make this Starry Night Watercolor Art Project!

Instructions for Starry Night art project

Steps to make this fun and educational Starry Night watercolor painting: Step One: Paint a night-time sky. Image of in progress night sky painting with crescent moon and stars. Step 2: Cut out shapes for a landscape. Image of scissor, 3 gray mountain shapes and 3 gray city shapes. Step 4: Wet paper with clean water. Image of wet night sky painting. Step 4: Sprinkle salt on top and dry. Image of night sky painting covered in salt. Step 5: Once dry, wipe off salt. Image of swirly and speckled night sky painting. Step 6: Glue on landscape shapes. Image of finished Starry Night recreation with swirly speckled night sky, mountains on the left, and a city on the right.
These are the easy steps to recreate your very own Starry Night Painting.
  1. Paint a night-time sky with a moon and some stars
  2. Cut out shapes for a landscape
  3. Wet paper with clean water
  4. Sprinkle salt on top and dry completely
  5. Scrape off the salt
  6. Glue on landscape shapes

Watercolor Tips and Tricks

  1. Paint the stars and moon first. The yellow paint is very light and might turn green if you try and paint it on top of the sky.
  2. Avoid the black watercolor paint! It can bleed into other colors. You can mix blue and brown to create black.
  3. Wet the painting with a spray bottle. This will make sure the paint is wet enough to absorb all the salt.
Finished example of Vincent Van Gogh Painting Recreation.
This is our finished Starry Night recreation!

Our Experience Making this Van Gogh-inspired Watercolor Painting:

  • The first time we made this craft we used some sketchbook paper and it caused the watercolors to make the paper too wet and it started to tear and fall apart
  • We learned that it is best to use paper that is thick but absorbent. Watercolor paper is not necessary but it will work really well at not wrinkling or tearing when it gets wet
  • It did get a little messy when we sprayed the paintings with water and covered them in salt, so we used tinfoil so the extra paint wouldn’t bleed onto anything important
  • It took about 6 hours for the painting to completely dry and for the salt to absorb some of the color.
  • It was a little tricky to scrape off the salt since it felt like sandpaper so we used the side of a plastic ruler to scrape off all the salt.
  • Finally, gluing on the landscape shapes I made was really exciting since it brought the painting all together and added some contrast to the texture.

More Information on Starry Night

Vincent van Gogh. The Starry Night. Saint Rémy, June 1889
Vincent van Gogh. The Starry Night. Saint Rémy, June 1889

To delve deeper into Van Gogh’s artistic legacy, embark on a creative journey inspired by his famous masterpiece, “Starry Night”! This engaging watercolor activity invites you to recreate the famous scene, allowing for personal touches. With this hands-on experience, you can nurture a deeper appreciation for Vincent Van Gogh’s contributions to the world of art and inspire creativity.

learn more about Vincent Van Gogh: Watch this Fun and Educational video!

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What does your Starry Night painting look like? Tell us in the comments below!

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