Hanukkah is right around the corner and you can prepare a feast with these delicious Hanukkah recipes. From appetizers, to dinners, and desserts, we have all the best recipes that can help you prepare the ultimate holiday dinner! These Hanukkah recipes are delicious and sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Hanukkah recipe- cookies, kugel, latkes, matzo soup- kids activities blog
Are you ready for these delicious Hanukkah recipes?

Hanukkah Recipes

Hanukkah is nearly upon us and that means festivities and food! We have great fried food recipes, hearty entrees, and even traditional and delicious desserts. All of these recipes are sure to be a crowd pleaser this Hanukkah!

Tasty Hanukkah Appetizer Recipes

Hanukkah Appetizer Recipe- latkes, fried goat cheese, fried rice, everything bagel dip, latke salmon platter- kids activities blog
These appetizer recipes are perfect before a big dinner.

1. Easy Potato Latkes Recipe

My mother used to make these and they were my favorite. They’re hearty, tasty, and delicious. These traditional Hanukkah potato latkes are gonna be loved by everyone. They’re so good!

2. Fried Goat Cheese Bites Recipe

These are going to get eaten up! Fry your goat cheese with crispy delicious bread crumbs. And once these savory, melt in your mouth, Hanukkah fried goat cheese appetizers are golden brown, add some drizzled honey.

3. Arancini Recipe

If you’re not familiar with arancini, you’re missing out. Arancini is fried rice. Not in the way you’re thinking. No, this particular recipe uses smoked gouda and risotto and then you coat it in bread crumbs and spices and deep fry them! They’re rich, starchy, and delicious. This would make the perfect Hanukkah appetizer.

4. Everything Bagel Dip Recipe

Serve this creamy and tasty everything bagel dip with delicious bagel chips, pretzels, potato chips, or veggies. This savory dip is perfect before a big meal! While Hanukkah has a lot of fried foods, this Hanukkah appetizer is a little lighter, but still yummy.

5. Latkes and Smoked Salmon Platter

This latke and smoked salmon platter has a little bit of everything! Potato latkes, cauliflower latkes, sweet potato fries are perfect for dips like sour cream and apple sauce. Add in the smoked salmon, smoked salmon dip, and salad along with other delicious veggies. There is something delicious for everyone this Hanukkah on this platter!

Delicious Hanukkah Dinner Recipes

Hanukkah Dinner Recipe- matzo soup, roast beef, salmon, chicken, kudgel- kids activities blog
Looking for some delicious Hanukkah dinner recipes? Check these ones out!

6. Matzo Ball Soup Recipe

Though this is traditionally served on Passover, Matzo ball soup is also a favorite on Hanukkah. It’s light, hearty, tasty, and full of fresh flavors. Everyone will love this Matzo ball soup.

7. Kugel Recipe

Kugel is a traditional Jewish recipe. It’s hearty, yummy, full of egg noodles, cream cheese, sour cream, butter, nutmeg and other delicious ingredients. This dish is hearty, and amazingly tasty.

8. Brisket Bourguignon Recipe

When I think about brisket bourguignon I think about Julia Child’s. But this brisket bourguignon is amazingly delicious. It’s cooked in wine, with mushrooms, onion, garlic with lots of herbs. It’s tender, tasty, and will be a crowd favorite this Hanukkah.

9. Roasted Chicken With Lemon and Garlic Recipe

Nothing says the holiday like a delicious roasted chicken! Add some lemon and garlic and you have the perfect main dish! The chicken is juicy, tender, and oh so flavorful! This roasted chicken with lemon and garlic goes well with nearly any side!

10. Lemon Pepper Salmon Recipe

This lemon pepper salmon recipe is so good! Fresh dill, lemons, garlic, olive oil…it really doesn’t get better than that. And the best part is, you can cook it in the oven so you can spend time with family, guests, and work on other recipes. This is a great Hanukkah dinner recipe.

Scrumptious Dessert Hanukkah Recipes

Hanukkah Dessert Recipe- cake, donuts, jelly filled donuts, cookies, and date and chocolate cookies- kids activities blog
These desserts are perfect for Hanukkah!

11. Strawberry Sufganiyot Recipe

Sufganiyot is very popular for Hanukkah. And I can see why! Strawberry filled donuts sprinkled with sugars. They’re soft, fried, sweet, and fruity. So delicious and sweet! Everyone is going to love this Hanukkah dessert.

12. Lemon Olive Oil Cake Recipe

This delicious lemon olive oil cake is so yummy! This cake is a little dense, but so moist! And don’t worry this lemon olive oil cake is not overly sweet with a crackly crust. It’s fruity, tender, and so fresh. Perfect after fried foods and a heavy meal! This is a perfect Hanukkah dessert.

13. Chewy Date and Dark Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Fruit and chocolate go so well together. These dark chocolate and date cookies are chewy, delicious, with a hint of bitter chocolate and full of sweet dates. And it’s made with olive oil and tahini making this cookie savory and sweet.

14. Traditional Rugelach Recipe

This is a popular Hanukkah dessert. These cream cheese cookies are filled with apricots, raisins, and walnuts. If you love buttery cookies, cinnamon, nuts, and fruit, then this rugelach recipe is for you! This is a perfect dessert for Hanukkah.

15. Honey Dunked Sfenj Recipe

Sfenj is a fried Moroccan donut. They are traditionally eaten with mint tea and eaten by Moroccan Jews. They’re fried in oil to commemorate Hanukkah. You could also make them extra sweet by adding some honey after you’re done frying them.

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What recipes do you make on Hanukkah? Will you be making any of these Hanukkah recipes?

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