This season we decided to make a menorah for Hanukkah! We love lighting the menorah, singing songs, playing dreidel, and eating potato latkes with apple sauce and sour cream. If you are looking for other Hanukkah crafts, check out the paper plate Star of David.

Time for a Hanukkah craft!

Celebrate the December Holiday of Chanukkah by making a menorah with your kids

How to Make a Menorah

The one thing that seemed to be missing from our Hanukkah decorations was an electric menorah that we could put in the window and enjoy from inside and out. Every time I went to the store, I looked to see if they had any, but I didn’t really like what I saw.

Then, one day, I noticed an empty egg carton still sitting on my kitchen counter and that’s when I got my inspiration.

Celebrate the December Holiday of Chanukkah by making a menorah with your kids

December Craft

Make a menorah with these simple steps:

  • Cut the egg carton into 12 individual cups.
  • Paint the inside and outside of 10 of the cups as well as a base on which you will glue them (we used a strip from a cardboard box).
  • Once your paint has dried, glue the cups onto your base, 4 cups on the left, 4 cups on the right, and 1 cup raised above all others in the middle. To raise the middle candle, called the Shamash, use the tenth cup turned upside down (or any other object).
  • Fill each cup with a flameless tea candle (we found these in the Christmas isle at Target, go figure).
  • Place your electric menorah in your window.
  • On the first night of Hanukkah, light (or turn on) the Shamash (middle candle), and then the leftmost candle. NOTE: When lighting a real menorah, you light the rightmost candle, but because your electric menorah will be viewed from the outside, you will have to reverse this so the rightmost is from the viewpoint of passersby. Therefore, you will be lighting the leftmost candle.
  • Continue this each night, adding one more candle each time, lighting the Shamash, then the last candle added (the newest one) first.

We tested out our new electric menorah and are positive it will help make our window display more festive and fun. We had a great time making it, it’s homemade, and it’s recycled art (which we love). Plus, it has turned out to be more special than any electric menorah we could have purchased in the store.

We hope this craft helps make your holiday special. Tell us how much fun you had making this menorah in the comments!

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