Design Project: Three Girls – One Room (Part 3/4)

Today we are continuing with our design project of a bedroom for three little girls the introduction is here and the floor plan is here.

This is what the project looks like to date:

blissful buzz A Design Project:  drawings and notes

The three twin mattresses needed to accommodate three little girls will be pushed together against the long wall (large rectangle on wall “A”) and made up as one very large bed. On the opposite walls (labeled “D” and “E”) a sectional couch will be placed for reading and cuddling.

To organize my thoughts, notes and plans, I draw out what I expect each wall will look like on graph paper on a 1’=1″ scale:

blissful buzz A Design Project:  drawings and notes

This gives me plenty of room to make notes around my drawings about paint colors, shopping numbers and prices, building instructions, fabric sample numbers and more.   I like to keep all this information in one place.

In my brain, these pages are arranged 3-D according to the floor plan which helps me see what it will look like along the way:

blissful buzz A Design Project:  drawings and notes

This is the plan for the bed wall:

blissful buzz A Design Project:  drawings and notes

I was going to create three large rectangles on the wall made out of trim molding.   The inside of these rectangles would be painted pink, the molding would be painted brown and the walls would remain soft white.

Inside each of these rectangles would hang a black and white portrait of each girl over her specific sleeping space.

A short platform would be built to hold the three twin mattresses so that there wouldn’t be any space between them.   I felt like if we kept the bed very low it would decrease the visual space this massive bed would take up when looking at the room.

I was planning to have someone sew sheets and comforters together so that the bed could be made up as one unit.   I figured it would be a nightmare for the middle bed if the bedding was separate for each mattress.   The platform would be painted the same brown as the trim.

The bed pillows would consist of one Euro size sham, the girl’s bed pillow in a pink pillowcase and then one round throw pillow on top.

blissful buzz A Design Project:  drawings and notes

This is a view of the right angle corner where walls D and E join.   A right angled sectional couch was planned to take up the entire corner.   Above it would be built trim molding rectangles painted brown so that the large black and white portraits of the three girls together could be “matted” by the pink paint within the rectangles.   The wall color would again remain a soft white.   The door pictured goes to the girls’ closet where all their clothes are stored.
blissful buzz A Design Project:  drawings and notes

This wall contains the opening to the bathroom.   I say “opening” because one of the quirks of this room was the bathroom door was large and heavy and opened OVER the toilet.   It had become difficult for the girls to negotiate the door so it had been removed.   I suggested that we treat the opening with drapery fabric that could be left open or closed for privacy.

To the left of the bathroom door, another large trim rectangle painted brown would be hung with pink paint inside to mirror the bed wall.   Inside the triangle would be three shallow shelves holding framed casual family photos.

blissful buzz A Design Project:  drawings and notes

This wall was the smallest in the room and opposite the bed.   I planned another brown painted trim rectangle with pink paint inside.   Three of the girls’ works of art would be hung in floating frames.
blissful buzz A Design Project:  drawings and notes

This is the wall you see when you enter the room.   I wanted to again use brown painted trim rectangles filled with a yummy pink color to welcome visitors and give them a taste of what is to come.

The little piece of furniture is something they already had that could easily be painted brown.   I had planned a mirror over the little “entry table”.   I had also planned on talking with a mirror company about the possibility of cutting a mirrored top for the table.

The plan was coming together.   The clients approved of the plan and were leaving town for a month over the summer.   I really wanted to get it finished for them during that time so the family could avoid the construction mess.


  1. nice post, i think that is great that you can fit 3 girls into one room. it must have been quite an idea to put that together. does it come with soundproof walls? it might get noisy in there from time to time.

  2. Where is the closet ? Dressers ? It is beautiful and looks cozy and inviting but i am trying looking for ways to maximize the space in a room with a 14 yr old and 11 year old twins and the major challenge i find is storage. Any ideas?

    1. They had a small walk-in closet. We used plastic bins for their clothes and shoes that weren’t hanging clothes. They were the type of bins that you would normally see used for toys.

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