The game of chess is the most universally known and respected board game in the world – And if you’re looking for the coolest printable chess board and printable chess pieces, then we’ve got the perfect chess set for you!

Printable Chess Set:

Printable board games are gaining in popularity due to the convenience and portability of the paper versions – And in the world of printable items, the king of board games reigns supreme! Continue reading to find out what your printable set will include.

Black & white printable chess set pages on top of a turquoise page laying on a wooden surfaces with colorful letters scattered around.
printable chess sets are the most convenient way to enjoy the game!

Seasoned chess players and chess learners alike can print a black & white chess board and a set of chess pieces in any size or format they want – And the coolest thing is that you can decorate the printable chessboards in any way you want! Let’s take a closer look at them.

Black & white printable chess board page with A to H on the horizontal axis and 1 to 8 on the vertical axis.
chess players of all skill levels wil love this customisable board!

Our first printable chess set is the traditional black & white version chess board – Print it as is or experiment with different color variations before or after printing! 

Black & white printable chess pieces with black circle borders on a white page.

Our second printable chess set includes the iconic 16 black and 16 white printable chess pieces – Keep the colors traditional or come up with some newer vibrant versions! 

SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR Chess Board Printables

Chess Board printables are sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.



Whether you’re learning to play, a beginner, or a seasoned professional, this printable chess set is the most convenient and easy way to enjoy this legendary board game!

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