Nature education is such an important part of childhood.  Unfortunately, kids free playing outside is on the decline.  Fortunately, incorporating nature activities as part of their daily schedule can help make sure that they connect with their world. Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Gina from Connecting Family & Seoul as Quirky Momma for the day to share her nature education activities.

nature education - natural toys... sometimes simple is better!

Nature Education

Recently I read a book, called   Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder, that describes  the importance of encouraging children to connect with nature. It quickly became a favorite. At the end of the book there are several activities for kids and families to try out that inspire a love of the outdoors within their children.

Nature Education Activities

One idea that happened to be included in the list described a small container that a child could use to collect any treasures they found outside.  It was readily available to them and was the perfect tool for nature exploration! When we got home, I scoured the house looking for a container that Grady could use to put all of this findings in after our walk.  I found one that would be perfect for this idea, and we filled it up quickly. I set it in a space that was within reach so that he could explore the items whenever he chooses.

nature education activities

Nature Activities

Once we had our fill of observing the item s in the Wonder Jar, we decided to take them out and have a little fun with them! While I was cooking dinner one evening, Grady dumped all of the acorns out and I asked him to go in search of his bowl and mixing spoon.  He just loves “cooking” meals for us, so I thought these would be the perfect ingredient for him to experiment with.  As he played, he added a few more bowls and measuring cups so he could be just like Mama in the kitchen! Once he was content and his “dinner” was complete, we decided to do a little toddler research and learn the parts of an acorn since some of them were coming apart!  We found pictures on the computer and compared them to the ones he was playing with.  He had such a fun time finding acorns that looked like his.  We also learned that the top part of the acorn is called a “cup” (also known as a cupule, but cup was easier for him to say) and the bottom part is the nut.  Even days later, he repeated what he learned to any family member that would listen! These acorns are still a part of his Wonder Jar and we’e hoping to try a new activity out with them soon.

More Nature Education Activities

At any time after the items have been collected for The Wonder Jar they can be put to good use. Here are a few more ideas for nature exploration: * Use the items to create a Sensory Tray. * Find a treasure from the jar that would make a good paintbrush and paint a picture. * Combine them with other items to make  Discovery Bottles. * Gather paper and glue to make a Nature Collage. * Wrap a piece of masking or painter’s tape around your wrist and create a  Nature Wrist Band. * Find a nice spot to set up your own Nature Table based on the change of seasons. * Include some elements in a Small World creation for play. * Encourage your child to  sort the items  into groups that they find on their own (groups could be based on size, color, texture, classification, etc.) * You can even grab a few bottles or cups and have you child strengthen their Fine Motor Skills  with the smaller items that they collect! * The possibilities are endless! So, the next time you are out for a nature walk with the family, don’t forget to fill your pockets with elements found outdoors so that your child can explore them indoors. What items do you think that your child would toss into their Toddler Wonder Jar first? Gina is a former elementary school teacher, turned stay-at-home mom to an adventurous 2 year old.  She and her husband strive to create an atmosphere in the home that fosters strong family connections through guidance and inspiration.  You can read more about their family fun at her blog,  Connecting Family & Seoul

More Nature Education Ideas


Kids Activities Blog loves to go outside to play.  So much of nature education is really play so nature activities are some of our favorites.

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