{MiniTime} Your Family Vacation Make Easy

Next time when planning your family vacation, we have the perfect place for you!

It isn’t a vacation location, it is MiniTime.

my family vacation minitime

Your Family Vacation

MiniTime is a newly launched family vacation planning website.  It delivers recommendations written by parents whose kids are the same ages as yours.

Once you set up a profile in MiniTime, it takes in consideration the age and sex of your children and finds reviews written by families just like yours.

MiniTime your family vacation

You can browse family-friendly hotel recommendations written by families who stayed there.

You can browse family-friendly attraction recommendations written by families who visited!

Where to Take the Family on Vacation

My favorite part is the ability to see pictures from locations uploaded by other families.  It really helps me to decide whether that location is a good fit for my family.  To get family vacation ideas, I spent some time in MiniTime’s Top Destinations.

If you find a favorite reviewer, you can follow them on MiniTime so you will be alerted each time they post a new review.  There are icons next to each reviewer that lists the number, age and sex of their children.


I reviewed two of my family vacations and added pictures of the fun:

I also added attraction reviews of some of my favorite local {Dallas, TX} places to visit with kids:

MiniTime is Giving Away Lots of Fun Prizes!

MiniTime also has a super cute “Trip Tips” area with articles like What NOT to Pack for Your Next Family Vacation  and 8 Things to Do With Kids on Vacation.

Now through the end of January 2013, YOU can win prizes at MiniTime.  Each time you post a review from a recent family vacation, you will be closer to winning a trip to Disney Land, an iPad, iPad Mini, or other great prize!  In fact, by registering and posting your first review, you will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card.  If you reach the “experienced traveler” level like me, you receive a $25 Target gift card.

As you reach higher levels, you become eligible for more MiniTime goodies!

You can also find MiniTime on FB, as @MiniTimeFamily on Twitter, or on Pinterest  – MiniTime’s Pinterest boards feel like a mini-vacation just looking at all the beautiful pictures!

Thanks so much to MiniTime for sponsoring this article.  All opinions expressed are mine both here and in my MiniTime reviews.  Happy Traveling!


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  1. Funny Toddler says:

    Mini time vacation is very helpful for creating a vacation for our toddler kids.

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