Today we have cool football facts coloring pages for your avid sports fan! Most football players love interesting facts about their favorite football team. Favorites could be the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Baltimore Ravens, the New York Jets, or other teams that are part of the American Professional Football Association!

Use these football facts coloring pages at home or in the classroom for some fun sports fun!

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Black and white coloring pages with football facts lying on top of a blue-green sheet with multicolored letters on a dark grey background.
Amazing facts about football are fun to color!

Fans usually have favorite football players along with their favorite teams, and sometimes they’ll cheer for NFL players even if they’re playing for the opposing team. Some players are wide receiver Paul Hubbard originally drafted by the Cleveland Browns, and Deion Sanders, a dual sport athlete playing for the NFL and the MLB: he’s the only player in history that has played in both a Super Bowl and a World Series. Wow!

Football Facts FOR KIDS

  1. American football as we know it evolved from the sports of rugby and soccer and is one of the world’s most popular sports.
  2. The United States is home to the National Football League (NFL), the most popular professional football league in the country.
  3. The Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers have one of the oldest and most storied rivalries in NFL history.
  4. The American Football League (AFL) was a major professional football league that operated for ten seasons from 1960 until 1970, when it merged with the older National Football League (NFL), and became the American Football Conference.
  5. Some of the best players in NFL football are Tom Brady, Travis Kelce, Jalen Ramsey, Patrick Mahomes, and Davante Adams.
Screenshot of a black and white coloring page with football facts.
Football is full of very interesting facts!
  1. The NFL regular season typically consists of 17 weeks and each team plays 16 football games.
  2. The NFL Championship Game, now known as the Super Bowl, is more than a big game: it is the culmination of the NFL season and around 115 million football fans watch it annually.
  3. The longest field goal in NFL history was made by Ove Johansson in 1976: a 69-yard field goal against East Texas State.
  4. The Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the most successful NFL teams, have won the Super Bowl an NFL record six times.
  5. Don Shula’s Miami Dolphins is the only team in history with a perfect record, who won all fourteen of their regular season games and three post-season games.

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These coloring pages are sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Screenshot of a black and white coloring page with football facts.
Football facts and Super Bowl games are really neat!

This pdf file includes two coloring sheets loaded with Football Facts you don’t want to miss. Print as many sets as needed and give them to friends or family!



Do you have any favorite amazing football facts?

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