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I had the pleasure of attending a Home Energy Survey event hosted by TXU Energy with several other DFW area bloggers a week ago.

There were so many things that I learned like the difference in energy used by traditional light bulbs vs. the new energy saving light bulbs:

light bulb wattage use comparisonYep!   That is a pretty significant difference.

And the cute little contraption that reports the watts used is something that can be very helpful around the house when looking for places to save.   It is a Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Use Monitor.   You can plug anything into it to see what power it is using.   The display can be adjusted for dollars, CO2 or watts.

Another useful savings device around the house is the Bits Limited Smart Strip:

smart strip outlet by Bits LimitedEven when many of your electronics and appliances are off, they are drawing power.   This strip allows you to decide which of your devices need to remain “plugged in” while others can be placed in outlets that won’t draw power.   This is a great strip for computers or TV setups.

The TXU Energy website hosts a shop, Brighten Online Energy Store, where you can find many of these helpful gadgets and energy saving devices.

And…we have a special coupon code to pass on to our readers!

Discount Code for Brighten Online Energy Store:   “MomPower”

This coupon code will give you $10 off of your purchase of $50 or more through September 6, 2011.

She is Dallas info:   I was a guest of TXU Energy at the Dallas Mom Blogger event which included taking home the two products mentioned above.   My kids have enjoyed checking out the energy expenditure of just about everything plugged in at my house.

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  1. I need those…….now! Wow! what a huge difference in those bulbs. Crazy!

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