Saying my daughter is obsessed with Spider-Man is an understatement.

Yes, I said daughter and I said Spider-Man. She couldn’t care less for girly toys like Barbies, she wants to be Spider-Man.

That’s why I knew I had to get this toy for her as soon as I saw it.

This is the SUIZU Web Shooters. It is a wearable device that actually shots a web (string) that sticks to objects with the suction cup on the end.

A variety of ways to play: a light press on the launch switch to shoot. The head with a magnet can be adhere to iron products after being launched. If the magnet is replaced with a suction cup, the head can be adhere to a smooth and flat object (such as glass).

Your kids can run around and pretend to be Spider-Man and be entertained for hours!

It comes in two different colors: black and red/blue.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is the perfect gift for any Spider-Man fan.

You can get this Web Shooter Toy on Amazon for $49.99 here.

Check out these coloring pages for Spider-Man!

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