Today, we have 52 fascinating DIY suncatcher for kids from all over the internet. From classic tissue paper crafts sun catchers to themed suncatchers, we have suncatcher crafts for kids of all ages. Suncatchers are not only easy to make, but they’re beautiful and a great way to bring some color to a room. Whether you’re at home or in the classroom you can make suncatchers today! Plus, most of these suncatchers crafts are budget-friendly as well!

suncatchers- Image shows an orange background with circular pictures of suncatchers in different styles and colors from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s make DIY suncatchers!

There is so much fun to be had in making a DIY project, and these cool suncatchers are easy crafts that will provide quality time with the whole family! 

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FAVORITE DIY Suncatchers For Kids

Children always marvel when they see a sun catcher or a wind chime and what better way for them to enjoy them than to make one of their own designs. Creating a pretty suncatcher is lots of fun for young children and older children alike and it’s an excellent way to improve fine motor skills!

DIY Suncatchers and little kids just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these fun craft ideas are so perfect. Younger kids can enjoy a tissue paper collage or a plastic bead suncatcher for an easy project. Older kids can create a glass suncatcher for a fun activity. These kids activities are just plain awesome!

If these DIY suncatcher ideas look like fun, but you don’t think you are creative enough, don’t worry; we’ll provide all the help you’ll need!

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suncatchers- Image shows a round suncatcher with green grass and blue sky and red poppy flowers with a black dot in the middle and green stems from Kids Activities Blog.
Pretty, pretty poppies!

1. Suncatcher Tissue Paper Poppies Craft

Embroidery hoops make this Tissue Paper Poppies craft so easy!

suncatchers- Image shows two suncatcher half pieces of watermelon in pink, green, and white from Kids Activities Blog.
This watermelon looks yummy!

2. Watermelon Suncatcher Craft

Paper plate crafts like this Watermelon Suncatcher Craft are so versatile.

suncatchers- Image shows two suncatchers hanging in a window; one is a mixture of assorted colors, and the other ha a circle pattern of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s melt some beads!

3. Melted Bead Suncatcher

Colorful beads make this Melted Bead Suncatcher a cute project!

suncatchers- Image shows an assorted color butterfly suncatcher hanging in a window from Kids Activities Blog.
Its different colors make this butterfly special!

4. Tissue Paper Butterfly Suncatcher

The only thing this Tissue Paper Butterfly Suncatcher is missing is the ability to fly!

suncatchers- Picture shows a mermaid tail suncatcher with blue, purple, and pink scales and two sea shell suncatchers in purple and pink from Kids Activities Blog.
Splish splash, little mermaids!

5. Mermaid Tail Suncatcher

This Mermaid Tail Suncatcher will have your little one begging for the beach.

suncatchers- Image shows two heart suncatchers in red and white from Kids Activities Blog.
Heart suncatchers make Valentine’s Day happier!

6. Valentine Crafts: Catch the Sun

Clear contact paper gets new life with these Valentine Crafts: Catch the Sun.

suncatchers- Image shows a round suncatcher hanging in a window and made from blue, red, silver, green, and clear glass beads from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s bead a sun catcher!

7. Glass Gem Sun Catchers

These Glass Gem Sun Catchers are an easy way to use up loose craft supplies.

suncatchers- Image shows a round suncatcher hanging in a window and made from blue, red, yellow, green, and purple glass beads from The Jersey Momma.
Glass sun catchers are so pretty!

8. Easy Handmade DIY Suncatchers

This glass gem suncatcher from The Jersey Momma is the perfect craft for older kids.

diy sun catcher- Image shows a heart suncatcher in blue, green, red, purple, pink, and orange from Fireflies and Mudpies.
We love heart suncatchers!

9. Rainbow Heart Suncatchers

Grab your stationery items and heart template for this craft from Fireflies And Mudpies.

diy sun catcher- Image shows 5 round rainbow colored suncatchers with striped designs and no designs from Kids Craft Room.
Bright colors catching sun rays!

10. Pretty Round Suncatcher Craft

This is a great project for sunny day fun from Kids Craft Room.

diy sun catcher- Image shows a suncatcher mobile of green, gold, yellow, and opaque beads hanging on strings in a window from  Garden Therapy.
Strings of beads make great suncatchers!

11. Beaded Suncatcher Mobile

Protect feathered friends with this great idea from Garden Therapy.

diy sun catcher- Image shows a large round suncatcher of the sun and yellow and orange rays; and a string of three small round suncatchers in red, green, and a red and clear from Artful Parent.
Make your sun catcher different shapes and sizes!

12. Suncatcher With Beads

Add a bit of color with pony beads and this activity from Artful Parent.

diy sun catcher- Image shows two jelly fish suncatchers in rainbow colors with ribbons for tentacles in rainbow colors from I Heart Arts N Crafts.
Jellyfish are squirmy!

13. Suncatcher Jellyfish Kids Craft

Grab a sheet of contact paper and tissue for this craft project from I Heart Arts N Crafts.

diy sun catcher- Picture shows three mandala suncatchers with purple, red, white, and yellow flower petals and green leaves from A Little Pinch Of Perfect.
Even flowers make great suncatchers!

14. Beautiful Suncatcher Mandalas

Make flower petals and the sticky side of contact paper a sun catcher from A Little Pinch Of Perfect.

diy sun catcher- Image shows a red and white circular poke ball suncatcher with a black stripe through the center from And Next Comes L.
The vibrant red is so pretty in the sun!

15. Pokeball Suncatcher

This sun catcher has a different look but works great from And Next Comes L.

diy sun catcher- Image shows a round suncatcher of a yellow flower centered among fern leaves and whit leaves from Twig And Toadstool.
Nature is so beautiful!

16. Mandala Sun Catchers

Bring nature to your window with this great project from Twig And Toadstool.

diy sun catcher- Image shows three apple suncatchers one in red, the next in green, and the last in purple, orange, green, blue, yellow, and red from Fireflies And Mud Pies.
Let’s make an apple for the sun!

17. Apple Suncatchers

These apples from Fireflies And Mud Pies aren’t for eating!

diy sun catcher- Image shows several heart shaped suncatchers in pink, orange, red, and yellow from Fun At Home With Kids.
Any time of year is perfect for hearts!

18. Heart Suncatcher Craft

Show your love with this great project from Fun At Home With Kids.

diy suncatchers- Image shows hot air balloon suncatchers in purple, green, blue, orange, red, and yellow from Suzys Sitcom.
What a fun way to fly!

19. Hot Air Balloon Suncatchers

This decorative craft from Suzys Sitcom is not your everyday suncatcher.

diy suncatchers- Image shows a paper plate with a removed center replaced with leaves and flower petals on clear contact paper from Coffee Cups And Crayons.
Bring nature inside!

20. Nature Suncatcher Craft

This craft is a good idea for nature enthusiasts from Coffee Cups And Crayons.

diy suncatchers- Image shows strings of beads in blue, green, purple, pink, and white from Craft Paper Scissors.
Let’s make some strings of beads!

21. DIY Suncatcher

Supervision will be needed with this Craft Paper Scissors spring craft that uses small beads.

diy suncatchers- Image shows nine heart suncatchers made of white lace and assorted styles for ribbon from Artful Parent.
These hearts are just so sweet!

22. Heart Suncatchers With Lace And Ribbon

This craft from Artful Parent is the best way to use up pieces of ribbon and lace.

diy suncatchers- Image shows a round suncatchers with swirled colors of red, purple, pink, blue, and yellow from Babble Dabble Do.
Beautiful swirl art!

23. Cosmic Suncatchers

The colors of this DIY suncatcher from Babble Dabble Do are so fascinating!

diy suncatchers- Image shows a red and black dotted ladybug suncatcher from Rainy Day Mum.
Ladybugs are so much fun!

24. Ladybug Craft

Enjoy this simple craft with your toddler; from Rainy Day Mum.

diy suncatchers- Image shows a round suncatcher with neon colored beads glued in from Having Fun At Home.
Suncatchers are so very pretty!

25. DIY Suncatchers

This sun catcher uses clear glue to hold the little beads in place from Having Fun At Home.

diy suncatchers- Image shows raindrop shaped suncatchers in blue with a white cloud overhead from The Gold Jellybean.
Raindrops keep falling!

26. Crafts for Kids : Raindrop Suncatchers

Enjoy making these raindrop suncatchers from The Gold Jelly Bean.

diy suncatchers- Image shows bug shaped suncatchers in red, blue, orange, and other assorted colors from Happily Ever Mom.
Bugs are cuter as suncatchers!

27. Bug Pony Bead Suncatcher

These bugs are so much fun to make from Happily Ever Mom.

diy suncatchers- Image shows Halloween suncatchers of an orange pumpkin, a green skull, and a red and purple skull from Bkids
Halloween crafts are fun!

28. Halloween Suncatchers

Grab some plastic lids and make this craft from Bloesemdesign.

diy suncatchers- Image shows a butterfly with black lines outlining the yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and red from Mini Eco.
The black lines make a huge statement!

29. Butterfly Sun-catchers

Download the butterfly template and make this suncatcher from Mini Eco.

diy suncatchers- Image shows a wind chime suncatcher made with flowers and leaves from Hands On As We Grow.
Let’s make music!

30. Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes

Head to the kitchen for a mason jar lid to make this craft from Hands On As We Grow.

diy suncatchers- Image shows round suncatchers in blue, purple, orange, and maroon from Meaningful Mama.
The sun makes the deep colors prettier!

31. Oil Suncatchers

Make sure you have a flat surface for these sun catchers from Meaningful Mama.

diy suncatcher- Image shows leaf shaped suncatchers in red, orange, and yellow from Fun At Home With Kids.
The leaves are falling!

32. Leaf Suncatchers

Grab the free printable to make these leaves from Fun At Home With Kids.

diy suncatcher- Image shows brown turkey suncatchers and one has a rainbow colored plume from My Mini Adventurer.
Gobble, gobble!

33. Turkey Suncatchers For Thanksgiving

Download the printable coloring page from My Mini Adventurer to make these cute turkeys.

diy suncatcher- Image shows a heart suncatcher in an assortment of dotted colors from Buggy And Buddy.
Let’s make a heart suncatcher!

34. Suncatcher Craft

You’ll need lots of crayons and wax paper for this activity from Buggy And Buddy.

diy suncatcher- Image shows a K with stars hanging from it in pinks, reds, and blues from A Girl With A Glue Gun.
Suncatcher stars are so much fun!

35. Melted Crayon Sun Catcher

This cool activity from A Girl And A Glue Gun can be made with the sun.

diy suncatcher- Image shows a rainbow shaped suncatcher in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple from Fireflies And Mudpies.
Rainbows are a beautiful sight!

36. Fused Bead Rainbow Suncatcher Craft

You’ll need your fishing line for this craft from Fireflies and Mud Pies.

diy suncatcher- Image shows a snowflake suncatcher with a black outline and purple, pink, yellow, and blue from Happiness Is Homemade.
Snowflakes are magical!

37. Glittery “Stained Glass” Snowflakes

Make your winter bright with this DIY suncatcher snowflake from Happiness Is Homemade.

diy suncatcher- Image shows red and blue star suncatchers hanging from strings from The Suburban Mom.
Symbolic stars for the 4th!

38. 4th of July Star Sun Catchers

Make your Independence Day sparkle with these stars from The Suburban Mom!

diy suncatcher- Image shows a star cuncatcher in blue, green, red, and pink with the edges in salt dough from Homegrown Friends.
Salt dough is so much fun!

39. Salt Dough Suncatchers

These suncatchers are a great way to enjoy salt dough from Homegrown Friends.

diy suncatcher- Image shows a butterfly suncatcher in purple, blue, green, and black from lbrummer68739.
Let’s fly this butterfly suncatcher!

40. Butterfly Suncatchers

Use your favorite suncatcher paints to make this butterfly from lbrummer68739.

diy suncatcher- Image shows gnome suncatchers in red, yellow, blue and green hats from Pink Striped Socks.
Gnomes, gnomes everywhere!

41. Easy Recycled Gnome Sun catcher Craft

After you make your gnome from Pink Striped Socks, attach it to your window with a piece of tape.

suncatchers-Image shows a large amount of suncatchers in assorted colors hanging in a large window from Art With Mrs. Nguyen.
The sun makes colors so very pretty!


DIY suncatcher origami stars are fun to make with Art With Mrs. Nguyen.

suncatchers-Image shows a snowman suncatcher of clear, purple, red, orange, and green beads from Play At Home Mom LLC.
An ornament or a suncatcher?

43. Pony Bead Ornaments/Suncatchers

Winter is more fun when you’re crafting suncatchers from Play At Home MomLLC.

suncatchers-Image shows fingers holding a blue and purple suncatchers circular pieces from Stay At Home Life.
Beautiful colors of nature!

44. DIY Sun catcher/Wind chime

We love making suncatchers from Stay At Home Life.

suncatchers-Image shows a heart sun catcher in assorted colors with black glue lines from Mess For Less.
It’s so much fun to use watercolors!

45. Hearts With Black Glue

Make your suncatcher look like stained glass with black glue and Mess For Less.

suncatchers-Image shows two unicorn suncatchers. One is painted blue and purple and the other painted blue and yellow from Building Your Story.
Let’s make some paint!

46. Make Your Own Suncatcher Paint

Creating your own suncatcher paints from Building Your Story is a lot of fun!

suncatchers-Image shows handprint suncatchers with the shape of a heart inside with  various shades of pink, purple, and yellow from The Best Ideas For Kids.
Handprint hearts!

47. Handprint Suncatcher

Leave your mark with these handprints from The Best Ideas For Kids.

suncatchers-Image shows a lot of leaf suncatchers with a stained glass look painted yellow, orange, red, and green with a black outline from Adventure In A Box.
Colors of fall in suncatchers!

48. Stained Glass Leaf Suncatcher

Enjoy the fall colors with these leaf suncatchers from Adventure In A Box.

suncatchers-Image shows two rectangular suncatchers colored pink, yellow, blue, and purple swirled together with a white frame and a pink ribbon from The Maternal Hobbyist.
Pinks are always the prettiest!


We love these wax paper and crayon DIY suncatcher from The Maternal Hobbyist.

suncatchers-Image shows a pink and off white suncatcher flowers hanging from a string from Our Kid Things.
Flowers are our favorites!

50. Cardboard Roll Flower Suncatcher Craft

If you have spare cardboard you can make this craft from Our Kid Things

suncatchers-Picture shows a caterpillar made from circle sun catchers in pink for the head, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple from Fireflies And Mud Pies.
A colorful, cute caterpillar.

51. Colorful Caterpillar Suncatcher

Catch some sun with this caterpillar from Fireflies And Mud Pies.

suncatchers-Image shows coffee filter suncatchers in an assortment of colors, some are round and some are heart shaped from Sunshine And Munchins.
Coffee anyone?

52. Easy Tie Dye Coffee Filter Craft

Instead of coffee, let’s make suncatchers with Sunshine And Munchkins.

MORE DIY Suncatchers & FUN crafts from KIDS ACTIVITIES BLOG

Which of the DIY suncatcher for kids are you going to try first? Which activity is your favorite?

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