Veterans Day activities are the perfect way to get kids talking and learning about the importance of this November holiday. Kids Activities Blog has a special place in our heart for the heroes that have kept our country free. Each year in America, Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11.  It is a day we honor and celebrate men and women who have given their time, service, and (sometimes) lives to the United States Military.  It is important for our children to learn about the sacrifice they have made to serve their country and Veterans Day is a great time to teach them.

Veterans Day Activities

1. Draw a picture or write a card to a Veteran thanking them for their service.  You can send your cards to to both active military personal and veterans through A Million Thanks or through your local VA Medical Center. 2. Arrange a visit with a Veteran – We have taken my grandfather (a WWII Vet) to lunch in the past and I allowed my son to ask him all kinds of questions he had about being in the Air Force and serving during a war.  If you don’t have a relative that that is a Veteran, ask your friends or neighbors.  Chances are they will know someone.  Bake them some cookies and ask if your children could visit with them for a bit.  Make sure to discuss this with your children ahead of time and ask them what they would like to learn from meeting a veteran.  It might take mom and dad facilitating the conversation to get it started. 3. Attend a Veterans Day Ceremony  – Our child’s school holds a Veterans Day assembly each year, honoring the relatives & community members who are Veterans.  It is always a very moving ceremony.  The first year we attended this school, it was this ceremony that really made my son realize the service his father had done for his country.  He ran up to him afterwards and jumped in his arms with a big hug – he was so proud of his dad.  Many local communities plan events and parades to honor Veterans that are open to the public.  4. Pack a Holiday-themed box for a solider (s) who is currently serving –This is a excellent opportunity for your children to learn how men & women who are serving our country, sacrifice time with their families during the holidays.  How can we make it a little easier?  By sending them gifts of appreciation.  Visit  Packages From Home, an organization created to send packages to our serving military.  Maybe take it a step further and organize a “packing party” with friends. 5. Visit local Monuments and Museums Honoring Veterans.    I just did a Google search for “Veterans Memorials” in  my local area and was able to find over 25 different memorials, museums, and parks dedicated to Veterans.  I can’t think of a better way to show the importance of honoring our Veterans than by taking my children to a few of these.

November Holidays

Family involvement with Veterans Day Activities and other November Holidays are what the holidays are all about.   Here are some other fun things families can do together this November:

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  1. These are great ideas. I was just thinking and talking with a co-worker today about what our preschool can do for Veterans. Thanks for the ideas.