As Back to School   draws near, so does the time for a few last family adventures! In the heat of summer, with a few reports of West Nile Virus around the area, and not to mention some big’ol summertime bugs {that make me shiver even thinking about},   I decided that Indoor Camping was the perfect adventure for our young family at the close of summer.

Indoor Camping

We pushed most of our living room furniture out of the way and set up our massive 10 person tent. The boys were SO excited and couldn’t wait to go to sleep! Related: 25 Genius Ways to Make Camping With Kids Easy & Fun

Our boys painted the ‘logs’ for our campfire and my husband worked on the flame. Later, we all sat around the campfire at night together. Only with little ones could an indoor campfire be so much fun! 🙂 We roasted hot dogs over the stove. We cooked our Banana Boats in the oven. We watched a movie all snuggled under our blankets (Thanks to our living room overhead fan!) We woke up to the sunlight and made an absolute favorite Cranberry Orange Peel Muffins and drank fresh squeezed Orange Juice. We had a great time and the our oldest is already asking when we can have our next Indoor Camping Adventure! As silly as it may seem, this was great practice for our whole family for ‘real’ camping in the future. We have camped in the backyard and now indoors, but haven’t taken the boys for a real camping adventure yet. We look forward to doing so in the near future and now we have a few more ideas of what works best when camping with toddlers. So, push your living room furniture aside, set up your tent, and surprise your family with a Indoor Family Camping Adventure!
The Quirky Mommas have a few more ideas for fun activities to do on your indoor adventure:
Want more indoor activities to try? Try this digital escape room that you can do from your couch!

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  1. What fun ideas you had to go along with you indoor camping experience! Looks like everyone had so much fun! 🙂