When was the last time you took the kids to visit the farm? Add seasonal fall activities such as this to your family outings bucket list. Join us here at the  Kids Activities Blog to create exciting and new family memories this Fall.

Visit the Farm

Recently we were fortunate to spend an amazing afternoon locally to visit the farm, a perfect family fall activity. I know not all of us live near a farm. The good news is that there are simple and easy ways to replicate these experiences in your own backyard, kitchen or play area to create fun family outings.

Fall Activities

My boys favorite farm activity was the Corn Kernal Sensory House. Yes, you read correctly, an entire open air room filled with corn kernals. What an amazing sensory experience. We went barefoot and closed our eyes to fully experience the wonder. Can’t make it to the farm? Fill a bin at home with corn kernals purchased from your local grocery store. Add a few farm figurines and cups for scooping and you have your Farm Sensory Tub!

Then we ventured to the hay stacks for climbing and jumping. There were these amazing slides and a hay maze for the kids to explore. Recreating this activity can be done by a trip to your local playground or by organizing an obstacle course in your living room or back yard!

Family Outings

Apple and pumpkin picking is a very hands on activity that helps a child understand the seed to table concept. Can’t visit an orchard or pumpkin patch? No problem! Visit a local farmers market, produce stand or grocery store with your child. Pick out the apples and pumpkins together. Talk about what it means to harvest a food and what it means when a food is “ripe for picking”. Then take these items home and make apple sauce or pumpkin bread with delicious puree from a sweet pumpkin.

Take a tractor ride! Don’t have a farmer to drive you or a meandering field? Grab a wagon and have your children hop in for a ride around the neighborhood. Go on a Nature Walk, exploring the smells and sounds. Look for signs of fall or maybe even signs of winter!

I hope that we inspired you today to get out into nature with your children whether at a nearby farm or in your own home for fun family activities.

More Kids Activities

Is your bucket list full of family fall activities? Besides visit the farm, you can find more family memory making ideas here on the Kids Activities Blog:

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  1. We went to the farm a couple of weeks ago. They had a corn maze and a bunch of questions that you had to find the answers to during the maze. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot about growing corn to boot!

  2. Oh my – that Corn Kernal Sensory House looks fantastic! I don’t think we would ever want to leave…. (unless there was some cooked popcorn or corn on offer) ;P. Featuring this post as part of my roundup of the Weekly Kids’ Co-op this week. xoxo P