This Fall, add a little warmth to your home with an easy mason jar candle that you can decoupage with fall leaves!   A fun, inexpensive mod podge craft that is easy enough for little ones to help create. This is also a perfect gift idea for a special grandparent, teacher, friend, or relative. Our family absolutely fell in love with the way our mason jar candle turned out that we plan to make a few more for our Thanksgiving dinner table this year.  Want something a little fancier?  Check out 18 Ways to Decoupage Mason Jars over at Mod Podge Rocks!

decoupage candle


Decoupage is a   crafting technique in which you glue decorative objects like pretty paper, pressed flowers, or pictures on to another item.   The most popular product used for this is Mod Podge which comes in several different finishes such as Matte, Gloss, Glass, Sparkle, Outdoor, Fabric, and even Glow-in-the-Dark.   The creative uses for Mod Podge are endless. Materials:
  • Mod Podge (Matte)
  • Paintbrush
  • Mason Jar (I purchased a ‘smooth craft’ Mason jar at the local craft store)
  • Decorative Leaves (artificial silk leaves found at a craft store work perfect, just peel them off the stem/branch)
mod podge

Mason Jar Candle

Directions: 1. Separate the artificial leaves from the stem/branch. 2. Wipe the Mason Jar with a clean rag. Cover the jar with Mod Podge. 3. Press the leaves onto the jar one at a time. Cover them each with Mod Podge. Coat the rest of the jar with Mod Podge from the top to the bottom. mason jar candle 4. Allow to dry, apply a second coat of Mod Podge if desired/needed. 5. Place a candle inside and use a long expended necked lighter to light the candle safely. 6. Display your mason jar candle on a mantle, shelf, or table to decorate your home this Fall season. Decoupage crafts with Mod Podge make fun kids activities.   Here are some more ideas to check out:

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  1. Mackenzie…this is so easy and so pretty! I love it. Heading over to share it on my FB page. My followers will love it. I need to try it myself!!! 🙂 ~ Julie

  2. These are so cool, Mackenzie! I’ll bet the glow would be beautiful in a dark room. I’m going to have to try this with my son 🙂

    1. Christine- They are so pretty! My husband actually saved a jar from jalapenos for me to make another one… I guess he likes the way they turned out too! 😉 It was a perfect jar and I love that I could reuse it!

  3. I made this same project last year! Only I used real leaves from trees in our backyard. With the mod podge they held up fantastic! I got them out again this year as decor, with votive candles inside, and they are just as pretty as last year : )

    1. Jaimee, That’s awesome, I love that you were able to use real leaves! Living in TX in the fall doesn’t always allow those beautiful fall leaves…thank you craft stores for meeting my longing for those ‘fally’ colors! 😉