The Best Thanksgiving Books For Kids

These Thanksgiving books are amazing and a great way to spend time with your family.

Plus, these are the best Thanksgiving books for kids that will teach them about the first Thanksgiving.

{Awesome LIst} Great Books for kids about Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving story is such an important part of Thanksgiving. This list of great Thanksgiving books will keep your kids involved in the history of Thanksgiving.

Kids Activities Blog loves reading with children…especially if it is part of the holiday celebration. Our kids love to read stories and I love helping them learn about one of my favorite holidays.

From history to silliness, all these Thanksgiving books are amazing fun!

So without further adieu, these are our favorite Thanksgiving books for kids!

A Wonderful Thanksgiving Story

We have enjoyed doing Thanksgiving activities to help us learn to a lifestyle of gratefulness.

One of the character-traits that I especially want to cultivate in my children is a sense of contentment in what we have been given and gratitude for the little things around us.

Hopefully, these books can help your children be more thankful while educating them in the history of Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving traditions. (This post contains affiliate links.)

8 Of Our Favorite Thanksgiving Story Books

The Night Before Thanksgiving by Natasha Wing

One of our family’s favorite things to do each Thanksgiving is to bake a bunch of different pies. That is why we love The Night Before Thanksgiving!

It is fun to read a book that has cute illustrations and mentions so many of the Thanksgiving traditions, from baking pies to watching the parades,   and of course lots of family feasting.

The Littlest Pilgrim, by Brandi Dougherty   

I am sure my youngest children can relate with this story, The Littlest Pilgrim. They often want to “help” in the preparation of our Thanksgiving festivities – and too often they get in the way or make a mess.  

This is a cute book about a girl who has similar struggles and learns to have a friend through the process.

Turkey Trouble, by Wendy Silvano

Ever think about Thanksgiving from the perspective of a turkey? This book, Turkey Trouble, is super silly. It had my kids giggling as the turkey dresses up to avoid being “caught”.

It’s illustrated by one of my favorites, Lee Harper. We like his other book, Emperor’s Cool Clothes.

10 Fat Turkey’s, by Tony Johnson

This is a rendition of the 10 Little Indians, only it’s Turkeys, sitting on a fence. One thing I love about 10 Fat Turkeys is that it helps early readers with repetitive words and rhyming.

This is one of the more fun picture books that is simple to read that will keep young children entertained with 10 silly turkeys. What a perfect way to instill laughter into this national holiday.

Thanksgiving on Thursday, by Mary Pope Osborne

We have several dozen of the Magic Tree House series of books. They are great for kids who are just starting chapter books.

Thanksgiving on Thursday follows Jack and Annie as they travel back and relive the first Thanksgiving.

Learn about the story of the first Thanksgiving as Jack and Annie prepare for Thanksgiving dinner with their new found friends.

This is not only a story of the pilgrims, but the First Natives that were here too enjoying pumpkin pie, a little turkey, other different platters of delicious food, and friendship.

Cranberry Thanksgiving, by Wende Devlin

This is a re-release of a classic story of a Grandma and her granddaughter.

Each Thanksgiving they invite someone who is lonely and/or poor over to share dinner with them.

This year Grandma almost loses her secret recipe for Cranberry bread, hence the name Cranberry Thanksgiving.

Thanks for Thanksgiving, by Julie Markes 


Being thankful for the little things is a great trait to have. Thanks For Thanksgiving focuses on all the blessing that we have.

The pictures are great for opening discussions of the things your child is thankful for, and there are blank pages so you and your child can list the things you are thankful for.

This could be a cute tradition, to add more items you are grateful for to the book each year.

If You Were at the First Thanksgiving, by Anne Kamma

Are your kids past storybooks but not quite ready for chapter books? If You Were At The First Thanksgiving is a great resource non-fiction book for your shelves.

It is part history book, part pretend-inspiration for a dramatic child.

The book asks what your life would be like if you lives in the era of the first Thanksgiving feast.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Turkey By Lucille Colandro

Who doesn’t love the series about the little old lady who swallows things.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Turkey is Thanksgiving themed and a ton of fun. Read it, sing it, it’s a great way to keep kids entertained this Thanksgiving.

Balloons over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade By Melissa Sweet

Who doesn’t love the Macy’s parade during Thanksgiving? Now you can learn the True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy Parade!

The Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade was my favorite as a little girl, and so this had to be included in the list of Thanksgiving books for kids!

Llama Llama Gives Thanks By Anna Dewdney

If you haven’t checked out a Llama Llama book you’re missing out. There is a Llama Llama book for every holiday season.

And Thanksgiving is no different.

This sweet story is about Llama Llama being thankful and is so much fun for young readers. This is one of my little one’s favorite board books.

Little Critter: Just A Special Thanksgiving By Mercer Mayer

Little Critter: Just a Special Thanksgiving

Who doesn’t remember Little Critter?! Little Critter used to be among my favorite books and they have the perfect book for this time of year!

Learn about Thanksgiving and being thankful with this book!

More Thanksgiving Fun!

We have plenty of amazing Thanksgiving projects that would be perfect to go along with these wonderful Thanksgiving stories.

Need more? Than you’ll love these Thanksgiving arts and crafts ideas.


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