Kids love nooks, nooks for reading, nooks for pretending, nooks for re-grouping (time-outs), nooks for having magical lunches in whimsical places, nooks to bring the outdoors in. Last week in It’s Playtime we had a couple of really nifty nooks and forts submitted. Like these forts? Come chat in the KOA Campfire community about the forts you had and enjoyed when you were a kiddo! . Pretend play camping . Caroline made a reading tent for her kiddos to cozy up with a book. I loved how she brought camping indoors to create a special “place” (reading nook).   My kids love “camping out” with books in a closet under our stairs.   Wish we had a small pop-up – they’d love that! Jena made a massive fort out of old sheets and bungee cords.   Like her, we have been interested in the fort kits which are flying around pinterest.   I love how she created her own fort kit collection of items – and the finish product revolutionizes a living room into an adventure. Who said all tents/forts had to be made out of sheets or pop-ups?   I love what Ellie did with her girls and a box that was destined for the curb – it became a “home” for her gals! . Thanks to all who make our linky a success each week!   And thanks also to my co-hosts for faithfully organizing this each week.   Happy linking!

Let the Children Play

Messy Kids

Imagination Tree

Hands On: As We Grow

(P.S.   if you have a pinterest account, leave your link in the comments.   I am looking for more inspiration to follow :)) . Thanks to KOA for sponsoring QM! Check out the fort suggestions (and add your own) on our KOA Campfire Community! .  

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  1. Thanks for featuring our indoor camping cardboard tent – dens are just the best, we love making them and I can’t wait to try out some of the others featured. Thanks again. Ellie

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