body lable1 We are learning to site read several words thanks to Starfall (see previous post) and we decided that there is no better way to put our words to the test than by labeling ourselves.   I hope that this activity helps solidify the word associations that my kids are learning. … For this preschool activity we dressed in our swim suits, it is late fall, and my kids miss summer time.   Wearing their swimsuits, goggles and floaties and getting to re-live their summer-time adventures was a lot of fun for them.   Before we filled up our “pool”, my little man, or his sister, would point to a body part and I wrote the name of that part on them.   Afterward, I let them color themselves with the markers.         To wash the majority of the marker off, we filled the tub and had fun splashing with various body parts in the “pool”.   We had done body art before, as one of our road trip activities, but I had forgotten the skin tests we had done prior to our trip.   It stains and I’m wondering how long it will take for the word belly to disappear from my little fellas skin.   I’m glad the areas we wrote on are covered by clothes – this is definitely a winter-time lesson!body lable2

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