Wheelchair Coloring Pages

Today we have very special wheelchair coloring pages that we hope you’ll love as much as us! Grab your favorite crayons or markers because we’re going to color these wheelchair coloring pages as soon as you download and print them.

wheelchair coloring pages printed pdf files shown on a white background with colored pencils, markers, and paint
Fun inclusive wheelchair coloring pages for kids!

The Kids Activities Blog coloring pages have been downloaded over 100k times in past year!

Free Printable Wheelchair Coloring Pages

Here in Kids Activities Blog, we believe in fostering an inclusive and positive community for everyone; that’s what motivated us to make this set of wheelchair coloring pages. These printable pages are perfect for kids of all ages and it’s a great opportunity to talk and learn about disabilities – why not print a set for you too?

Let’s start with what you might need to enjoy this wheelchair printable coloring page.

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Wheelchair Coloring Page Set Includes

This coloring set includes two free printable pages, the first coloring page features a cool traditional wheelchair, and the second one has a motorized wheelchair. Both of our wheelchair coloring pages are perfect for young kids, big kids, and even adults.

It has a white background so you can add whatever you want. Draw a young woman, a young man, yourself? Other school kids. Make these coloring pages your own!

Traditional Wheelchair coloring pages pdf file showing a classic wheelchair
Print our free wheelchair coloring pages!

1. Traditional Wheelchair Coloring Page

This coloring page features a traditional wheelchair, the ones most of us already know! Younger kids will love coloring this page as it has a lot of space to color and even draw on it. Let them use their favorite colors to make this wheelchair look as cool as they are!

wheelchair coloring pages for kids printed pdf file with a motorized wheelchair
Download and print these wheelchair coloring pages for a fun afternoon!

2. Motorized Wheelchair Coloring Page

The second coloring page is a modern motorized wheelchair, that just like the first coloring page, looks just as cool. We made sure to make them spacious enough so younger kids with jumbo crayons can join in the coloring fun too.

Our cute wheelchair coloring pages are completely free and can be printed at home right now!

Download Your Wheelchair Coloring Pages PDF FILES Here:

This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.


Developmental Benefits of Coloring Pages

We may think of coloring pages as just fun, but they also have some really cool benefits for both kids and adults:

  • For kids: Fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination develop with the action of coloring or painting coloring pages. It also helps with learning patterns, color recognition, structure of drawing and so much more!
  • For adults: Relaxation, deep breathing and low-set up creativity are enhanced with coloring pages.

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Did you enjoy the wheelchair coloring pages?

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