I have had an issue of time in my home for the last 18 years – coincidentally, the exact number of years I have been married. My home is divided into time zones, but not in coordinated lines of one hour intervals like the real world.   Each house clock is the epicenter for it’s own random time zone. I have gotten used to it. I can travel between house time zones with ease and a calculator. If I need to know the actual time, I can always leave the house. And then this happened… We were in Colorado.   14 hours via SUV from my crazy mixed-up parallel time universe. I asked Blog-Stedman for the time. He paused while his eyes rolled upward and his face exhibited signs of heavy calculation. 7:30 Oh, what took so long? Let me explain. OK. My watch says 21:06. I first have to convert military time to real time making it 9:06.   I then have to adjust for the 37 minutes ahead that my watch is set making it 8:29.   It is still set on Texas time so I subtract an hour because we are in Colorado which would be 7:29 but then I rounded up because it probably took me at least a minute to figure it out.   Oh, and it might not be exactly accurate. Ummm…you know that rule about me not writing about you in my blog?   I am going to have to break it. I understand.

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  1. A unique and totally cool way of being sure about the time is to just look at the sun- seriously. It’s not that hard to learn and it’s pretty reliable. As for digital technology and time saving policies, well, I agree that they often confuse people more than it helps. But hey, whatever makes the crowd tick, right?

  2. Oh too funny! Sounds like my hubby – and yes, I’d have to blog about it too! The scenery is gorgeous BTW!

  3. Time is such an arbitrary creation, don’t you think? It’s all the railroads fault, as they were the ones to push for a standardized time in the late 1800’s. Lets all blame amtrak. 🙂

  4. We have four zones. Living room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, and the time my kids insist is appropriate for waking.

  5. Ha! Finally my stupid reader let me subscribe to you!! Now I got a lot of catching up to do…
    Is there a reason you have your watch set to the wrong time?