This Kid Started Cleaning A Turkey and Thought The Neck Was Something Else and I’m Dying Laughing

Can you imagine your child cleaning out a turkey? I couldn’t until I watched this video of a parent filming her son cleaning a turkey for the first time.

If all you have time for is one video, let it be this one!

A mom filmed her son Nathan cleaning a turkey for the first time and at first, he seems to handle it quite well until he found the neck.

Only he wasn’t convinced it was the neck ha!

When he found the neck, he just assumed it was a male turkey because well, he thought it was a male private part. At that point the poor kid just starts gagging.

As his mom is heard laughing in the background, she tries to explain that it’s the turkey neck and the boy is just NOT convinced.

Yet for some reason he continues to touch it and does not believe his mom that it is just the turkey neck. Of course, his mom asks him to put it down until he can calm down (as she continues to laugh).

The mom continually tries to convince him it’s the neck to which he replies, “Turkey necks are not this small” ha!

Seriously, this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen today and I truly needed that laugh!

If need a much needed laugh today, check out the full video below. It’s hilarious and I hope you enjoy!

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