Size Does Matter

From birth Rhett(4) has believed he is the same age as Ryan(8) and Reid(6). He skipped over most baby-related items due to the mocking he would receive from his older brothers. He is very aware of what they believe to be immature behavior.

Unfortunately, I am not talking about real immature behavior.

They are OK with that.

I am talking about things that they think are age inappropriate.   Things that are beneath them.   Things that ONLY a baby would do.

One of the MAJOR things that a baby would do is play with the larger scale Legos.   If you have visited the Nirvana previously, you are aware of the obsession all three boys have with all things Lego…well, all things of NORMAL Lego size.

Duplo (the larger Lego bricks) are for babies.   No self-respecting BOY would touch them.

A few weekends ago I took the boys to a new church.   Rhett was a little clingy entering the new classroom so I was talking with the teachers and other kids trying to find something that would engage his attention so I could leave him in a comfortable setting.   One of the teachers said, “Do you like to play with Legos?” I responded with a smile and a sigh of relief because that would certainly do the trick.   She reached down and picked up a bag of Duplo blocks.   Rhett was horrified and stated loudly, “Those are for babies!” and he turned to me and held on for dear life.

Poor Rhett.   He IS in the 4 y/o classroom.   The church still has to consider safety and children EATING Legos at that age.

And then there is Reid.

Reid sits by a girl at school.


Not only is she a girl, but rumor has it she likes Duplo blocks.

*double gasp*

Ryan and Reid discussed this at length.   According to Ryan, this girl’s older brother told everyone at school that she likes to play with the LARGE Legos.   She doesn’t like the small Legos.   She ONLY plays with the big ones.   She even has a key chain on her backpack with a Duplo block on it.

That is proof.

I tried to mention that maybe her brother was exaggerating.   Maybe her brother was just teasing her like Ryan and Reid tease each other.

Mom, we would NEVER tease about this.

The next day there was a quiet moment when I was helping Reid get dressed.   He had been distressed over this girl and her large Lego-loving ways.   I told him, “Reid, it might not be true what her brother said.”

I know mommy.   I am going to ask her today.

He said it with hope-laced concern.

When I picked them up from school later that day, Reid climbed into the minivan with a defeated look on his face and while shaking his head said…

Mom, it is true.


  1. hm…i liked those large legos when my kids had them. i thought they were cool. i must just be a big baby.

  2. Doesn’t he realize that she would make the perfect wife? She would never even consider touching his prize legos. Although she may use the here and there to steady a leg on an end table.

  3. Girls are mysterious creatures, I guess.

    The boys at school told Buddy that Spiderman was for babies. Spiderman?! I mean, come on. To his credit, he decided to still like Spiderman anyway. He loves legos. He got the lego books for Christmas from his grandparents. Have you seen them? Very cool. Oh and lots of actual legos too, of course (from Santa). (lego x-wing, remote control lego car, etc… Santa might have overdone it a bit this year, actually).

  4. Hi–I found you from Life, Liberty & Pursuit’s blog. I had to chime in that I have a youngest of three boys who thinks he is their age too. Mine are 9, 11 and 13 now. When the older two have their friends over he thinks they are his friends too. Fortunately in school he can relate to his classmates. We worried that he’d be bored but I guess he is flexible. Cute post!!

  5. Aah Yes, my boys are Lego sizist too.. so we have devised a cunning plan.. there are no small Legos in our house, no Legos at all… they are all in Scotland at Granny & Grandpas.. that way their sizist attitudes can be confined to train sets and playmobil vs imaginext.! Actually just realised that this may not be working for them.. but at least my hoover is not clogged with tiny-yet-vital parts of the X-wing/Castle/Dragon du-jour!!

    Happy Birthday by the way.. sorry I won’t make it on Thursday to the blogHer do in Dallas..have fun without me and let’s plan a get together NOT on a Thursday.. i can never do Thursdays!!

  6. at our house, the girl was not allowed to have the “girlie” legos…no pinks or lavendars here.

  7. It’s great that they’re able to put attention to the slightest detail. I think children their age want the smaller legos because they think it suits their age and that larger ones somehow insults their intellect.

  8. I hate legos, since they and Barbie shoes real hurt when you step on them barefoot. 🙂 My boys love the darn things and my little brother buys them more every Christmas and birthday. He just had to stop at the lego store on our way back from the airport Christmas eve. Since my 15 yr old was with us, I can no longer pretend I do not know where the Lego store is.

  9. Isn’t it funny how, no matter what we say or do, kids ALWAYS know what is reality (according to them)? There is no changing their aversion to the baby Legos, trust me.

    Gotta love these guys. 🙂

  10. I loved “Mom, we would NEVER tease about this.”

    Do we live in the same house?

  11. HOWEVER, the duplo blocks are excellent for making things like pins for hallway bowling on rainy days, or stools for reaching high stuff, because they are large. There are many things my 3yo daughter is learning from her brother (just 6), but so far he hasn’t conveyed the duplo contempt yet…I suppose it’s coming.

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