Update: We wrote this article a few years ago when this was at the top of the news in our local area. Unfortunately, kids still persist in this type of bullying, but the more we know how to help our kids…the better!

Sigh. As crazy as things are right now in the world, bullying is the LAST thing kids need to be worrying about but with kids being online more and more, it is inevitable that they get smarter and smarter on how to do things anonymously.

Kids are bullied online in a new way and parents need this information - Kids Activities Blog
Kids are being bullied online in new and inventive ways.

And the good news is that I don’t think kids really understand the consequences of these actions or they might think twice before they participate in what they initially are thinking of as a joke.

Online Bullies Get New System

Bullying is never okay but it seems that kids are getting more ruthless and coming up with new ways to bully fellow classmates online.

Unfortunately, there is a new bullying trend going around and it’s something parents need to be aware of.

Fair warning – it is disturbing.

Teenager upset about being bullied.

Anonymous Rumor IG Accounts

High School kids are now creating Instagram accounts with anonymous google forms for other kids to submit gossip/rumors.

Once these rumors are obtained, they are then posting the info with photos of the kids on Instagram for the world to see.

They look like this:

The accounts are made anonymously so you have no idea who is hiding behind the computer.

Rumors & Gossip are Collected from Google Forms

The IG account is run with a link in bio that goes to a Google form to anonymously submit awful things said about someone else.

The IG account then has a supply of juicy gossip to promote without any accountability as to truth.

The Google form is set up like this:

I don’t want to share the type of content they are posting but you can head over and take a look for yourself.

Again, it’s quite disturbing and just awful.

The things these kids are saying about others is heartbreaking.

Now you think you could just report the account and get it shut down, right? Well it’s not that easy.

These kids are making multiple accounts so they are harder to shut down. 

One Texas school district had 10 accounts reported just yesterday. Instagram did take them down pretty quickly, but there are still 2 that still remain.

So, what can you do to help?

First off, talk to your kids and make sure they are NOT participating in this sort of thing. If the responses stop coming, hopefully the accounts will naturally go away.

Second, you can help by reporting these Instagram accounts and Google forms to help them get taken down faster.

Report IG Account

To report an Instagram account, go to the main URL of that Instagram account then click the three dots on the right side and click “report user”.

When it asks why you are reporting this account, click “It’s inappropriate”.

It will make you give a reason, click “Report account”.

It will ask you AGAIN why you are reporting that account. Click “It’s posting content that shouldn’t be on Instagram”. I wish it didn’t make you click so many times but it does.

For the next reason click “bullying or harassment”.

And keep going until you see this message:

Report Google Form

When you want to report a Google Docs Form. You go to the form (like the one above) and at the very bottom click “Report Abuse”.

When asked the reasoning, click “Promotes hates, violence or illegal/offensive activities”.

I truly saddened that kids are doing this right now and hopefully with parents knowing about it, we can put an end to it once and for all.

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Have you seen bullying online? What techniques have been effective in making online safer for our kids?

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  1. This happened to my child in middle school. Luckily, I saw it and he didn’t. My child didn’t have an Instagram account and he wasn’t old enough to have one. The kids behind the post were not old enough to have accounts. Instagram refused to remove the post. I pleaded with them; they didn’t care. They told me I could file a police report and if the police investigated it and concluded that it was harassment, Instagram would consider removing the post. You can report an abusive post as many times as you won’t and Instagram won’t do anything about it.