One of the most useful classes I took in high school involved how to balance my checkbook and keep track of my spending. The things I learned in that class continue to help me to this day.

Rapper 21 Savage, in partnership with EverFi and Chime, is launching a free financial literacy program for kids. Source: Chime

After all, they’re essential life skills that every teen should learn… and now rapper Savage 21 is helping in a big way.

This week, the Grammy-award winning rapper announced he will launch a new — and free — online financial literacy program for kids of all ages.

What 21 Savage’s Free Online Finance Program Includes

The free financial literacy program is aptly called “Bank Account at Home.” 21 Savage isn’t alone in launching this awesome program. His foundation Leading By Example has partnered up with EverFi, an educational tech program, and Chime, an online banking platform.

The ultimate goal of 21 Savage’s online program? The rapper said, “I feel like it’s important more than ever to give our next generation the tools to succeed in life.” He also believes understanding money management can empower our kids. Ain’t that the truth.

To empower kids of all ages, 21 Savage and Leading by Example is providing the tools kids need to learn about money in a kid-friendly, easily-accessible way. They’ll learn about everything from how to earn it to how to manage it. The courses have about 15 days worth of content.

Elementary-school students focus on the basics of money management, including tips on making responsible choices. Middle-school students can learn about planning for the future.

And high school students can access a range of lessons on entrepreneurship and budgeting. In other words, it goes well beyond the basics. I wish I had courses like this during school!

All the bundled courses and worksheets are available for a free download on Chime.

As if all this wasn’t cool enough, 21 Savage is also working with Atlanta’s mayor to provide free tablets and WiFi to under-served students.

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