What happens when bees make their home in your home? And those bees have been living there for 50 years or so? You call in the Bartlett Bee Whisperer, who specializes in honey bee removal and relocation.

Bartlett Bee Whisperer
The Bartlett Bee Whisperer shared how he removed the biggest honey comb he’s ever encountered, and the story is fascinating. Source: Facebook/Bartlett Bee Whisperer

How The Bee Whisperer Removed a 30-Foot Comb

As the bee population continues to drop all over the world, it’s incredibly important to relocate bees, rather than exterminate them. This gives the bees a chance to find a new home (that isn’t your home!) After all, bees are a super important part of our ecosystem; they’re responsible for pollinating crops.

Who Is The Bee Whisperer?

People like the Bartlett Bee Whisperer help homeowners while also helping the bee population. And he recently removed the largest bee hive ever. It had over 30 feet of honey combs!

The Bee Whisperer shared the incredible tale of removing the hive through a Facebook post that has gone viral. After all, the comb removal process is pretty fascinating. For one, based on the heat signature, he thought the honey comb was “only” eight feet.

The Bee Whisperer’s Story

The Bee Whisperer’s story shares the history of the house, how the bees have lived there for generations, and what was involved in this “simple” process.

Hint: it was a long, slow process, in part because of how old the house was.

Bartlett Bee Whisperer Shares A Cool Bee Fact

One super cool fact that I learned from the Bartlett Bee Whisperer’s story: when he starts removing the comb, neighboring honey bees — or “robbers” — come to get some free food.

So not only does he have to remove comb, he also has to deal with robbers. During the nine-hour process, swarm bees attempted to move in too!

He was quoted saying:

“As we were finishing up the removal, another swarm of bees move in and were trying to move into the house.”

Speaking of bee facts:

Did you know a queen can lay 2,500 eggs in one day! No wonder hives grow so quickly!

How Do You Relocate Bees?

So how does he relocate the bees? Part of the process involves finding the queen bee. Once she’s located, she’s put into a “candied queen cage.” The bees then follow their queen to the new location and hive – how cool is that?

By the end of the nine-hour job, the Bee Whisperer had removed two queens, two bee colonies, and 12 frames of brood.

Read the whole story — including the step-by-step process — over on the Bartlett Bee Whisperer Facebook page.

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