Next up as we learn the alphabet is words that start with the letter Z! 

Do you already have an answer when someone asks how to teach sight words? I have a couple of favorite sight word activities including sight word snacks – food and learning?

Count us in!

Letter Z Sight and Spelling Word List - Kids Activities Blog

Sometimes I will combine games to keep them interesting and challenging while other times I may adjust them to be easier so that no one ends up discouraged. At the end of the day, I always come back to the core ideas behind teaching sight words.


As we worked to develop our list, Kindergarten Sight Words and 1st Grade Sight Words quickly became too numerous for one list. 

As I scoured my resources, it quickly became apparent that there are no Kindergarten or 1st Grade Sight words out there that start with the letter Z.

That’s right! Zero. 

Instead, here are some sight words with the letter Z:

  • Buzz
  • Maze
  • Crazy
  • Quiz

You can add these words to the sight word activities you are working with for another letter of the alphabet.

If you feel as though you are struggling to break through to your child’s understanding of the sight words, do not give up. 

How to teach sight words is difficult, no matter how you look at it. Words that start with the letter Z are extra odd. There is a lot of guessing involved. What helps one kiddo could completely confuse another. Just keep it fun and constructive!


These spelling lists are for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade!

If any of the words are too hard or easy for your child, feel free to borrow from the other lists! 

Words that start with the letter Z are so difficult. Don’t get discouraged.

Practicing writing spelling words is a great activity to improve penmanship, as well! I love to write the letter Z, because I feel it looks so pretty!



  • zen
  • zip
  • zero
  • zoo
  • zip


Kindergarten spelling words are so crucial to a child’s development. Words that start with the letter Z are no exception to this rule. Lifelong skills are developed in understanding of letter combinations.

A big step along the way to this understanding of the alphabet are Kindergarten spelling words.

Guess what? It’s absolutely okay for them to struggle a little. Never lose hope or enthusiasm and never stop trying new spelling word activities! When in doubt, try a new one out!



  • zebra
  • zig-zag
  • zumba
  • zipper
  • zipped
  • zilch




  • zenith
  • zombie




  • zucchini
  • zeppelin


Spelling drills can wear on anyone. As you and your children work to master words that start with the letter Z, make sure to take breaks to focus on other aspects of learning whenever you or your child begin to feel frustrated. You can do this, together.

Pssst… check out these free CVC word list printables!

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