You Can Get Lord of the Rings Rubber Duckies and I Need Them

Why play with the classic yellow rubber ducky when there are Lord of the Rings rubber duckies to play with instead? Seriously. This is not a drill. These new rubber duckies are going to take bath time fun to a whole new level.


Which Lord of the Rings characters are available as rubber ducks?

While the bath toys are marketed as collectibles, they’re also the perfect addition to bath time for the kids. What better way to introduce the kids to the Lord of the Rings characters!

Frodo Rubber Duck
Source: Amazon

TUBBZ currently offers four iconic Lord of the Rings characters in rubber ducky form. There’s the ring-bearer legend, Frodo Baggins, along with some members of the Fellowship, including Legolas the elf and Gandalf the Grey. Last but not least there’s the Dark Lord Sauron. So if your kids (or, ahem, you) want to stage a battle for Middle Earth in the bath tub, they totally can.

Lord of the Rings Legolas
Source: Amazon

The bath toys are specially designed by Numskull Designs, and yes, the cosplaying ducks bear a striking resemblance to the characters they’re supposed to represent, down to bright blonde strands of Legolas’s hair.

Source: Amazon

While you can introduce your kids to Middle Earth with these special rubber duckies, we won’t judge if you want to keep them to yourself either. They even come with a bath tub display stand.


Each TUBZZ Lord of the Rings rubber ducky is available on Amazon for $12.99 each. Since the announcement of their release, they’ve been selling like hot cakes, so don’t delay.

Lord of the Rings isn’t the only movie receiving special rubber duck treatment; TUBZZ offers an array of cosplaying rubber ducks from a variety of books, movies, and comic books.

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Posted by Numskull on Monday, May 25, 2020

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