Our social distancing summer plans are continuing, and we’re still looking for the best ideas to make it a summer to remember. These holographic basketball, from HoloGear are our next purchase to make backyard games even more fun.  And if basketball isn’t your game, they also make footballs, volleyballs, and soccer balls, for all your favorite games.

Courtesy of HoloGear

Holographic Basketballs

The HoloGear balls are not light up balls. Instead, they are designed to work with the flash on your camera, making them the perfect choice for kids who enjoy creating photos or videos of play or skills.  

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Each HoloGear ball is created with composite hygroscopic leather and designed for indoor and outdoor play, leaving room for your child to create even more videos or photos to show off their skills.

From Amazon

Both the HoloGear Basketball and HoloGear Soccer Ball are available on Amazon, with the basketball retailing for $49.95 and the soccer ball for $34.95.  The HoloGear Volleyball and HoloGear Football are currently only available directly from HoloGear.

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