Amy Jandrisevits has a huge heart for kids with disabilities and she is putting her big heart behind her creative energy. Amy is the owner and creator of A Doll Like Me.

Courtesy of A Doll Like Me and Tate

Amy’s desire to create this non profit was born out of her former job as a pediatric oncology social worker. She is an avid doll collector and makes these dolls from her living room. 

Courtesy of A Doll Like Me and Sloan

Each doll is created with the same disability as the child. Currently there is a 2 year wait for her dolls, as she has grown in popularity and parents see these dolls as such a special gift for their little ones.

Courtesy of A Doll Like Me

Amy doesn’t see this as a “business” but more as a relationship with each family. After chatting with Amy, it’s apparent that she puts more then time into each of these dolls. She fills them with love.

If you want to order one of these adorable dolls for a special kid in your life, simply reach out to Amy on her Facebook page. Because she is a non profit and is funded by GoFundMe donations, she does not have to charge families for these precious dolls. Inclusion is so important and we are thankful for gifted artists like Amy who use her talents to bless families everywhere.

Courtesy of A Doll Like Me and Emma


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  1. Good day,

    How much are the dolls?
    I have tried to see where you are located but for some reason I can’t see.
    We are in South Africa and I’m really interested in one of the dolls. Our daughter is visually impaired and this would be such a cool present for her.

    Please contact me.

    Kind regards,
    Matthys Homan