Growing up, I went to a church with my Grandma that had giant stained glass windows. Each window portrayed a different story or meaning and each one was more beautiful than the next.

My family and I recently visited a new church and the stained glass windows there brought me right back to my childhood.

People Are Making Their Own Stained Glass Window and Here's How You Can Too
Photo Credit: Sabin Hogue

This weekend, many of us would usually be visiting a church for an Easter service and would see giant stained glass windows. But, since we’re being asked to stay at home during this time, that won’t be happening. How about bringing a piece of that to your own home by making your own stained glass window or front door?

All over the country, families are creating their own stained glass window at home. While some are creating crosses and Easter scenes, others are creating colorful, geometric shapes.

We’ll definitely be trying this here at our house! It seems simple enough too…all you need is washable paints. I see a lot of people using Crayola but anything marked washable should work.

Many people are adding a drop of Dawn dish soap and a little water to thin out the paints. Using painter’s tape, section off the design that you want to create. Try out different brushes and see if you can make different textures with your design.

We love this idea and can’t wait to make it at our house! What kind of design would you create at your home?

Here are some more window art for kids crafts!

Try out this faux stained glass painting for kids!

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