In the past week, one of the biggest challenges has been trying to find the food and household essentials that we all need. Shelves are bare, stores can’t stock items fast enough and a lot of people have been panicking because of it. Costco is Now Opening Early for Seniors Citizens However, the hardest hit during this time have been seniors who should be staying home during this time but still need to buy food and essentials. Costco, like many other grocery stores, has announced that beginning March 24, they will open from 8-9 am every Tuesday and Thursday for anyone over the age of 60 years old. This will allow an hour of shopping before anyone else is allowed inside to shop. The pharmacies inside Costco will also be open at this time for seniors to pick up any prescriptions.  Not only will opening an hour earlier for seniors allow them to be around less people while they are shopping, it will also allow them to get the much needed essentials that have been flying off shelves so quickly. My grandparents, for example, only buy what they need at the grocery store and nothing more. Now that it’s hard to find the things they need, I know that they are panicking a little bit. With stores opening just for people like them, my hope is that they will be able to find what they need quickly and get home to keep them as safe as possible from this virus. Costco is Now Opening Early for Seniors Citizens

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