If you’re looking for a way to help your children understand COVID-19, check out this free, accessible coronavirus children’s book, by Dr. Christine Borst. Our city is currently under orders to shelter in place. And my toddler, of course, is used to going places and seeing people. He misses school. He misses neighbors and grandparents. He misses the playground.  This means that at some point every day, my son asks if we can go somewhere. Or, specifically, he asks, “Can we go to the grocery store with popcorn?” (The grocery store with popcorn is Target, of course.) The answer is still “Not today.” This part of the conversation is pretty easy. But the next part is, inevitably, “Why, Mama?” This coronavirus children’s book, written by a doctor of medical family therapy, helps answer that question. coronavirus book

Coronavirus Children’s Book

We all want to be able to answer our children’s questions about Coronavirus while making them feel safe and secure. It’s hard to do, especially if you are feeling scared or ill-equipped. This is a new experience for most of us, and we aren’t all experts in viruses or child psychology! I was relieved when I found a picture book that could help answer my child’s questions. We sat down and read the book together on my computer.  boys reading children's book

What We Learned about Coronavirus

The book explains Coronavirus in simple terms and instructs kids on how to avoid spreading it. It acknowledges how kids and adults feel being stuck at home while helping kids understand why it’s necessary to do so. And, importantly, it reminds kids that it is the job of the grown-ups in their lives to do what they can to take care of them. They don’t need to worry.

After We Read the Book

When we were done with the book, we took a break and played. When we were done playing and it was time to wash hands again, my son put up his usual fight. So we re-read the book. Sometimes it’s easier to accept lessons from a book than from mama. We plan to continue to read the book while COVID-19 is part of our lives. And we also look forward to putting the book down and going back to “the grocery store with popcorn” one day.


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