Just when you thought it was safe to get in the shower …

No, it’s not a shark, but it is an amazing T-Rex Shower Head to make bath time a roaring good time.

The T-Rex shower head is modeled after a real T-Rex skull head, and adds a prehistoric touch to your bathroom design. Dinosaur fans of all ages can’t help but love this quirky shower topper.

Installation is easy and the T-Rex shower head fits all standard sized US showers. Simply uninstall the old shower head, wrap the fitting with Teflon tape (provided with your T-Rex shower head), and hand tighten the dinosaur shower head in place. It can be installed in a matter of minutes.

The T-Rex shower head also complies with California’s water saver standard of 1.8 gallons per minute. It helps save you money and water, while keeping your kids happier in the shower. The 9 jets from the T-Rex shower head aren’t a bad idea either.

The T-Rex shower head is available on Amazon for just $14.65 and comes in your choice of grey or bright green in order to match your bathroom.  

For dino loving kids, this would be an awesome idea that isn’t just one more toy!

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