When you just can’t read Goodnight Moon one more time, why not delegate story time to some real life astronauts?

Courtesy of Global Space Education Foundation

Story Time from Space, a program from the Space Foundation, brings STEM books right into your home, read by astronauts on the International Space Station.  

Books are sent to the ISS and astronauts take the time to read and record them, sending the video back to earth to be edited and shared with children around the world.

Story Time From Space was created by educator Patricia Tribe and astronaut Alvin Drew, in order to inspire reading and STEM education among children. Drew was the first astronaut to read a book from space. Their program has since expanded and now includes veteran astronaut, Bjarni Tryggvason, to include science demonstrations from space as well.

Currently, Storytime from Space features over 20 videos of astronauts reading books, including Astronaut Scott Kelly reading his brother’s, Astronaut Mark Kelly’s, book Mousetronaut, and the first four Science Time videos showing science experiments in space.

The team behind Story Time in Space works to choose STEM books on a variety of topics to interest the viewers, along with choosing a diverse group of astronauts to read the stories and including languages, besides English. Astronaut Hazza Al Mansoori, the first astronaut from the United Arab Emirates, recently added Khalifa and Amal Go To Space in Arabic to the collection of videos, which already included stories in Spanish and Japanese.

Besides story time, kids get a peek inside the International Space Station, to satisfy those who love all things space.  Visit all the Story Time in Space Videos under the Story Time Videos link.

This astronaut flower vase is out of this world kinds of adorable!

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