Looking for a recipe that to make with your kids? Try this dirt cake recipe. What is it? Dirt Cake (aka dirt cake pudding) can be made in various ways but typically involves a chocolate treat made to look like dirt. It is completely edible and yummy!

Looks like dirt? It’s very delicious!

Here’s a fun recipe for Edible Dirt Pudding by another great Quirky Momma!

Let’s make An easy and dirt cake recipe with your kids

I was looking for something that my 3 year old could make quickly and entirely on her own. I used the basic idea from other recipes and just simplified it.

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dirt cake recipe ingredients
Here’s what you’ll need. How can you go wrong with a combination like this?

Easy dirt cake recipe ingredients

Here’s all that you and your kids need to make this dirt cake.

  • 1 pack Chocolate instant pudding
  • 1 pack chocolate sandwich cookies
  • 1 pack gummy worms

Directions to make Easy dirt cake with kids

learn how to make dirt cake
Cookies with fillings removed.

Step 1

We started with removing the filling from the sandwich cookies. I don’t think this was really necessary but the chocolate cookies would become our dirt and it seemed like white flakes in the dirt would look like fertilizer (not appetizing!) .   So we ended up with a plate of cookies that looked like this.

little girl eating
She ate them I bet!

I’m not sure what my little girl did with all of the white filling from the cookies. I guess she cleaned everything up quickly.

little girl crushing cookies
She is crushing the chocolate cookies with all her might!

Step 2

Next she put the chocolate cookies in a zip top bag and started crushing them.   As you can tell from her face, she really got into this part!

little girl mixing ingredients
She’s into the action with this chocolate pudding.

Step 3

Then, she made the chocolate pudding according to the package directions.   This involved combining some cold milk and the pudding mix then mixing them together until smooth. It is super easy but she felt like such a big girl as she mixed it and saw the pudding forming instantly in the bowl!

little girl making chocolate pudding
She’s filling the cups now.

Step 4

Once the pudding was blended, she filled some clear cups about 2/3 full of pudding.

gummy worm in pudding
Now that’s a way to play with food.

Step 5

Afterwards she sprinkled the cookie crumbles on top of the pudding and inserted a couple of gummy worms to make it more interesting.

little girl with chocolate on her face
she looks absolutely satisfied with the dirt cake recipe!

Not only did my little girl have fun making these, but she also learned about ingredients for recipes, measuring, pouring, mixing, scooping, and more!   Plus she had a certain satisfaction in having made dessert for the family all by herself!

Yield: 3-4

Easy Dirt Cake Recipe For Kids

Easy Dirt Cake Recipe For Kids

This fun and easy dirt cake recipe is made for kids. They can enjoy making and eating it. Plus it contains only three ingredients.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 1 pack Chocolate instant pudding
  • 1 pack Chocolate sandwich cookies
  • 1 pack Gummy worms


  1. Remove the fillings of the chocolate cookies.
  2. Put the chocolate cookies in a zip top bag and crush them.
  3. Make the chocolate pudding according to the package directions.
  4. Once the pudding is blended, fill some clear cups of about 2/3 full of the pudding.
  5. Sprinkle cookie crumbles on top of the chocolate pudding.
  6. To finish, insert a couple of gummy worms on top. You're all done.


This will be fun for kids to do themselves with an adult or teenage supervision. A few mixing and you're all done!

Here are some more sweet ideas from the Quirky Mommas:

Did you make the dirt cake with your kids? What was their favorite part about it?

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  3. What a fun activity to make at home – my son’s class did this in kindergarten and they loved it – I mean come on, who wouldn’t???

  4. JDaniel loves these at Mimi’s Cafe. I am so glad you showed me how to make them at home.

  5. We had this very thing last night at a fancy restaurant {on vacation} and they charged a LOT for it, but the boys LOVED it.