Almost every kid has one… what is your child’s favorite app

What Is Your Child's Favorite App?

What Is Your Child’s Favorite App? 

I try to regulate my daughter’s screen time in general, but over summer break I am a little more lax when it comes to her playing with her favorite apps–especially if they are educational apps!

Like 90% of American tweens, my daughter is obsessed with Minecraft. She loves building houses and towns, and creating her own worlds. As an author, I get that, and I really appreciate this game. Who knows, she could grow up and be an architect thanks to her many villages! She also likes playing with her friends, but I legit “audit” her friend sessions and listen in, often, so that I know exactly who she is playing with, since she is 11. 

She also likes Avakin Life, which is similar to Minecraft, in that they get to build things and role play with friends. (I monitor it, and know who she plays with). 

She also loves Apple Music, and goes onto my Snapchat ONLY for the filters. She then saves silly pics of us to my camera roll on my phone, and doesn’t post them.

I’m still uncomfortable with her actually having any of her own social media, even though many friends her age already do. That doesn’t stop her from asking me, even though I shoot it down every time. I will wait as long as possible before allowing her to foray into the Interwebs, alone.

What Is Your Child's Favorite App?

Favorite Educational Apps for Kids

I love all of the educational apps that are available for kids! There are a couple that have made two of the subjects my daughter struggles with more fun and palatable.

She loves the SkyView Lite app that allows you to look at constellations, using a phone or iPad. It names them, tells you where exactly they are, and gives interesting background information on them. When we go camping, I let her use my phone to learn more about the stars. Then, we talk about them as we drift off. Astronomy has opened her up to giving science a chance, which makes me happy!

IXL is a wonderful math app that my daughter isn’t always thrilled about (because it’s still math, haha!) Whether she admits to it or not, I have seen how excited she gets when she earns new badges for mastering math skills. It’s a wonderful way to keep kids current on math skills, and review over summer. Check with your child’s school, because they might have an account for them, and then it will be free to use!

What Is Your Child's Favorite App?

Limiting Screen Time 

My daughter gets an hour of screen time, per day. She can spread that out to a half an hour at one point, and another half an hour later, etc. I do also give her opportunities to earn more screen time, by reading books, creating anything (a poem, short story, a painting, a sculpture from clay, a song on her guitar). She can also earn additional time by helping with extra chores around the house (in addition to what she already does as her weekly responsibilities). 

There are days (especially on the weekend, or if she is sick) when I might let her play longer than normal. We don’t have this down to a science by any means, but she does understand that while video games are fun and a cool passion to have, she has other amazing talents, interests, and experiences that add to her life, too!


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What is your child’s favorite app? Comment below! 

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