How to regulate screen time for kids is a hot topic in many households, and for good reason. It can be challenging to find the right balance of letting your kids play on devices, while also making sure they’re not glued to a screen all the time. We believe that like with a lot of things in life, the key to making sure that using electronic devices is being kept positive, is to regulate screen time. One great way to wean your kids off the electronics a bit, is to engage them with fun hands on activities! Try making slime with them, or creating a fun DIY craft, or printing out some awesome printables for them to use. The possibilities are endless!  How to Regulate Screen Time for Kids

How to Regulate Screen Time for Kids

Screen time is timed

Pick a time limit for your child that you think is the best fit. That could be anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Let them know ahead of time, so that they know exactly what to expect and then there won’t be any confusion. Setting time limits will also give them some responsibility with time management skills. 

Screen time is earned

If you don’t allow your kids to play on tablets or phones every day, you can use them as a reward. For example, all A’s on a report card can earn you the iPad 3 days per week. This is a good way to motivate them and give them a little something special to look forward too! How to Regulate Screen Time for Kids

Screen time is educational

One way to feel better about what your kids are learning while playing on tablets or phones, is by regulating what apps they use and being sure they are educational. We use ABC Mouse (that link will get you a 30 day free trial) and have for years! It is a great app that makes kids feel like they are playing a game when in reality they are learning.

Screen time is monitored

On most of today’s technology, parents have the ability to set parental controls on what their kids are seeing on the internet. They are usually pretty easy to set up, but also make sure you dive into your kid’s favorite apps to make sure they are appropriate! Many games have chat rooms or direct messaging that you may not want them having access to. For every family, regulating screen time is going to look different. The idea is finding something that works for your family, and sticking to it!

Screen Free Activities 

Edible Birthday Cake Playdough Here are some great screen free activities for your kids to do!  Leave a comment: Do you allow your kids to have screen time? How do you regulate it? Let us know!

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