What Is Your Favorite Place to Connect with Other Moms?

Having good mom friends is invaluable, but sometimes it’s hard to meet other moms you click with. What is your favorite place to connect with other moms? 

What Is Your Favorite Place to Connect with Other Moms?

What Is Your Favorite Place to Connect with Other Moms?

I struggle with this a bit. I work a lot, I work from home, and honestly, I’m a homebody. Add to that the fact that finding mom friends who truly get you, and whose kids get along well with yours, can feel just like dating, as far as how much work it takes to find the right tribe.

I lucked out by hitting it off with a few of the moms when my daughter was in Pre-K and Kindergarten, and we are all still good friends, kids included!

I have met some of my mom friends through existing friends, at parties and school functions–volunteering at school can be great for meeting other moms. Social media is also a good way to meet mom friends, through Facebook groups and other platforms.

What Is Your Favorite Place to Connect with Other Moms?

The Importance of Mom Friends

As moms, we are so busy taking care of our families, that we don’t think as much about what we need. It helps to have friends who are right there in the trenches with you. They understand what you’re going through–from the toddler who won’t sleep, to the struggles of middle school. They care about your kids just as much as you do, which is a huge blessing, because it truly takes a village to raise these little ones!

Being listened to, the ability to rant during hard times, and having positive friends who lift you and your child up are priceless gifts. Having mom friends is a must for my own mental health. Plus, it’s nice to have a buddy when the kids are playing!

One of the coolest things about having the mom friends that I have had since my daughter began school is the fact that we are watching each other’s kiddos grow up, together. These cemented friendships allow for a wonderful security network during the tween, and teen years, not just for the kids, but for us mamas, too!



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