Gaining confidence as a mom isn’t as hard as you might think. It’s true that one of the most rewarding jobs in the world is that of being a parent. However, unlike other professions where you can practice your skills ahead of time, there is nothing that prepares you for raising kids until you’re in the thick of it.Gaining Confidence as a MomThe responsibilities are never-ending, and the rules always seem to be changing. Gaining confidence as a mom isn’t easy, but trusting your instincts is key. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure of yourself, rest assured that when you’re in the following situations, you have this whole motherhood thing under control.

Gaining Confidence as a Mom Gaining Confidence as a MomTake Advice with a Grain of Salt

The irony of me giving advice while telling you to take advice with a grain of salt isn’t lost on me. When you’re a mom, you’re going to have a lot of people telling you what they think you should and shouldn’t do. You’ll get some great advice and then you’ll get advice that will leave you scratching your head. Feel confident in your ability to discern which advice will work for your family and which won’t. After all, you know your family best.Gaining Confidence as a Mom You Know Your Child Best

When it comes to your child, have confidence in the fact that you know him. You understand his cries when he’s an infant, and you can handle a toddler tantrum like a boss. There is no one else who will be able to discern his moods and his needs quicker or more accurately than you. You know his facial expressions, his patterns, and if anyone tries to mess with nap time, you’re the first to run interference. You are amazing!Gaining Confidence as a MomTrusting Your Instincts You know that feeling you get when something just isn’t right? That’s your mothering skills on high-alert. Trusting your instincts not only makes you a terrific mom, it also keeps your kids safe. Keep on trusting your gut – even if someone tries to tell you otherwise. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Believing in your own instincts will make you a more confident mom, and woman! Gaining Confidence as a MomReflect on the Day At the end of the day, take time to reflect on the good that happened. As we all know, there can be a lot of chaos, and quite a few things that go wrong during the course of a day. Taking time to think about all that went right will help set the following day up for success and give you the confidence you need to keep on being the terrific mom that you are. When you are prepared to, also assess what you feel didn’t go right, and gently note what you want to learn from and adjust to. Remember, learning is a piece of parenthood that never fully goes away, and that’s a good thing!Gaining Confidence as a Mom Read Up Sometimes the best way to gain confidence as a parent is to read. No, not parenting books that are filled with advice from people who don’t know you or your child, but children’s books. Authors of children’s books put important messages in their story lines, and we all need to hear messages of love, kindness, and self-acceptance every so often. Not only is reading a fabulous way to bond with your child, it will help provide a calm time within an otherwise hectic day. In those times when you’re sharing a story with your child, you are helping to build his language skills and nurture his character. There comes great confidence in being able to say you were able to help with both of those. Also, read something that fuels your soul (and, hey, if that is a parenting book, you do you!). It is so important to find the time to reenergize energetically. If it’s not reading, listen to music, write, paint, or craft. Anything that taps into your creative side so that you can relax. You can’t fill anyone else’s bucket when your bucket is dry.

The simple things you do daily make the biggest impact on your child’s life and your own sense of confidence as a parent. Rest assured that every mom has her moments of self-doubt and worry. Being confident in your parenting skills all of the time isn’t realistic, but being confident that you will always strive to do and be better is. You have this under control! Go ahead… be a fun mom! Gaining Confidence as a Mom On The Topic of Momming…

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