What Is the Most Organized Room In Your House?

You know that room (or rooms) that you use as a catch-all so that other rooms can stay neat? Give that room a high-five for taking one for the team. What is the most organized room in your house? 

What Is the Most Organized Room In Your House?

The Most Organized Room

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The most organized room in my house changes from week-to-week, and throughout the year. The state of my house is a very real indicator as to the state of my family at any given moment. When it looks like the Tasmanian devil ran through, we are generally moving through a crazy week! 

Your house is a reflection of what you are experiencing in life. My room was hot mess central, until I realized that I wasn’t factoring myself into the equation. When my room was cluttered and messy, I did’t sleep well, and found myself to be extra stressed.

I’ve made it a point to try and give my room a quick once over, at least once a week, to keep it as a haven.

What Is the Most Organized Room In Your House?

Our living room tends to stay neat because I have a lot of storage, and everything in that room truly has a home.

The kitchen and bathroom are also pretty neat because those are pet peeves of mine!

What Is The Most Organized Room In Your House?

Easy Tips to Organize Rooms

  • I love using baskets and storage bins with coordinating shelves in my living room! They make it so much easier to stay organized. There is a bin in the corner of each room so that we can store the “things that need to be put away” in an assigned place until we have time to put items where they belong. There are stair bins that nestle right into the corner of your stairs for this very purpose!
  • We do laundry twice a week to cut down on the weekend load. 
  • Before any major shopping/ gift season (birthdays, back to school, the holidays) my daughter and I go through all clothes and toys, and donate what we no longer need. It’s nice to help others, and also makes way for the new. 
  • Select one area for yourself that you will keep neat for your own sanity (this is what I did with my room!). 
  • Don’t get down on yourself. A lived in home, filled with loved ones, is a blessing! Live your life… the laundry will always be there for you!

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Organization Tips for Families

How do you keep your house organized during the busiest of times? Comment below! 


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