Panda Parenting Is The New, Gentle Parenting Method You Need To Know About

When you become a parent you quickly realize how many different methods there are to parent simply because EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE seems to have an opinion on how to do it.

There is the helicopter parenting method, tigers, and even the snowplough parenting method. But wait – there is a new parenting method in town referred to as Panda Parenting which is a new, gentle approach and it’s worth knowing if you’re a parent.

Panda Parenting was created by author Esther Wojcicki and is a popular parenting style all about gently guiding your little one as opposed to shoving them down the parenting path.

Panda Parents are all about giving their little ones the freedom to do things their own way which in return is meant to help kids become more independent while also helping them learn responsibility.

Oh and in case you’re wondering why it’s referred to as “Panda” parenting, it is because according to author Wojcicki, this parenting style combines a mixture of hard and soft techniques to offer the “perfect ratio of cuddliness and claw.”

“What they do is give children scaffolding to let them go free. Instead of always intervening, you only help when they need it.” – Esther Wojcicki (Source)

So does being a panda parent mean you can hand over some of the parenting to screen time?

“You have to compromise,” Esther explains. “Let children have two hours screen time, with one hour on apps you think are important, then, during the other, they can play on ones they think are important.”

Panda moms and dads say there are quite a few benefits for their children including having their self-esteem boosted by parents who try to be as positive as possible.

So, in short, if other parenting methods seem too tough, too easy or just haven’t worked for you in the past, Panda Parenting might be for you. Helping your child down the right path while allowing them to make choices, mistakes and learn from them so they can grow and become responsible adults.

Sounds like what we’ve already been doing in our household!

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